Age of Innocence by Claire Zhao

This story is based off of films like “Virgin Suicides” and “Picnic at Hanging Rock”. The shoot details a young girl in a weird daze about about her youth is disappearing and questioning if she is still innocent.

Pink Layered Dress; Sara Teator

Purple See through blouse, Sara Teator; Floral Tapestry Platforms; Jeffrey Campbell

White Frilly Shirt; Vintage, Orange Belt; Vintage; Miu Miu; Pink Ruffle Frilly Tights; Molly Goddard

Yellow Coat; Ganni, Ruffled Collar; Black and Brown, Black Rhinestone Mules; Miu Miu

Sweater; Sara Teator, Pink Ruffled Layered Skirt; Black and Brown, Pink Pointed Heels; Miu Miu

Hat; Water Bird, Pink Lace up corset; Stylist Own, Pink Bow Tie Pants; Sara Teator


Stylist: Allison Hill @imahill

Photographer: Claire Zhao @clairezhao__

MUA: Dana Akashi @madeup_looks

Hair: TJ Pintacura

Model: Maya Young @mayavyoung

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