Bring Me Down by Alexan Sarikamichian

A melancholic young woman goes through a breakup. In order to drown her sorrows, she gets together with a group of friends who take her on a magical journey to relive her memories with her boyfriend, where she experiences the strongest feelings of a relationship.


photography by Valeria Martins


photography by Katja Stückrath


Written, Directed and Produced by  Alexan Sarikamichian
Starring: Chita & Mijael Slot
Also Starring: Malena cherchyk, Vanina Balducci , Sofia Poncini , Rocio Bazan , Florencia Alonso, Lara Dafne Cocciolo, Corina Bazante
DOP: Pablo Desanzo
Editor: Daniela Benedetti
Gaffer: Nicolas Quintela
Color grade: Sebastián Guttman
Art Director: Valentina Miau  & Eugenia Fernandez Tarnowski
Stylist: Agustina Espindola
Still Photography: Katja Stückrath  Valeria Markulin Martins
Makeup and Hair Style: Rocio Noelia Marrodan for Calcarami Studio & Milena Humenczuk & Fadua Sulheir Mahmud for Kabuki Makeup & Hair School
General Production: Alexan Films
Asociate Producer: Matias Collado Pablo Desanzo
Production Assistants: Guido Pietranera & Nicolas Quintela
Casting: Alexan Sarikamichian

Soundtrack “Bring me down” by Chita

Written by Chita
Produced & Mixed  by Nico Cotton
Music by Laucha Rico Gomez, Fran Azorai, Guille Salort y Leon Peirone

Thanks: Polis View , Universe ManagementDELAPROVINCIA, Gonzalo Eleta, Gala Gonzalez Costes, Lola Piñero y Ana piñero, Ema HillVanesa Krongold, Albanez Costume Lab, Kijjji, Estudio Delia.

Creative Directed and Produced by

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