The Absence of Light…

It’s time for another color themed inspiration post. This time I have decided to get my brain mentally prepared for fall. Instead of an ode to the pastel pinks and sherbet oranges that we have come to love over this summer it’s time to step over to the dark side and concentrate on the darkness or absence of light which is immediately what we think of when it comes to the fall and winter progression. Enjoy this tribute to not just a color or a feeling but a way of life…


photos via tumblr/pinterest

Purple Wildflower Haze…

As I’m writing this post Becca and Cody are dying my hair purple with special effects “wildflower” color. I figured that I should at least have a little fun with my blonde hair before it goes back to my dark color and embrace my inner 14yr old girl inside. In anticipation I’ve gathered some purple hair inspo from around the interwebs…Enjoy! I’ll be instagramming the results. Follow me: @fashiongrunge!

photos via tumblr


The latest editorial from Always Sometimes Anytime is one of the reasons I still do what I do. Photographer Laura Allard-Fleischl, portrays the teenage emotion of isolation all wrapped up in the blankets and plaids of the grunge fashion we know so well.

Photography: Laura Allard-Fleischl
Model: Holly Rose
Stylist: Matt Templeton

photos via alwayssometimesanytime

Throwback Thursday: Manic Panic Hair Color

When I was in junior high school if you wanted colored hair you used Manic Panic. I’m now many years older and you still use Manic Panic hair color. As most people know the colored hair trend has been going on pretty strong the last few years. Tumblr is probably a reason for that. It seems that nowadays my dashboard is flooded with all sorts of hair colors in the rainbow.

I’ve compiled a few images that take me back to the days where one of your friends was dyeing their hair in the bathroom after school. Some are from the 90s but others are an updated take on the resurgence.

photos via tumblr


I’m taking this opportunity to wax poetic on the topic of nostalgia. It seems that the concept of this blog is based around that fact but while I was cruising around the world wide web I was particularly thrown with the impact that previous movements and images have on our current society. Dating back through the 20s-70s, this is what I’m using as my inspiration for life on this cloudy L.A. day.


Andy Warhol and the Factory…

Andy Warhol created that concept that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. In the 60s and throughout the 70s the famous pop artist surrounded himself with socialites, actress, and artists of all types and created art in a place he called “the factory”. Some of the most famous “factory” people are Edie Sedgewick, Nico, Lou Reed and many others.  While this was well before grunge times, the energy of the creative spirit can be seen to have an amazing impacts on genres to come…

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Forgive me for I have sinned…

While cruising around on more blogs when I should be going to bed I found another gem to add to the inspiration pot. This shoot for Saint and Sinner A/W 2011 line has such a dark goth twist with a horror fashion slant. This is just the vibe I need to prepare for the gloomy days of fall ahead.

and this gorgeous video editorial…

Art & Photo: Julius Bramanto
Stylist: Thornandes James
Hair & Make Up: Philip Kwok
Model: Ksenia & Alena @ JIM
Photo Assistants: Retno Prasasti (Asty), Ken Arini, Ranny Monita, Shuri, Sigit, Adit
Stylist Assistant: Rajasa Paramesywara
MuA Assistant: Ari & Bintang Droe

via keepwobblin

Happy Birthday America!

It’s fourth of July here in the States! Here are some red white and blue themed photos to get you through the day…