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Blogger Crush | Rima Vaidila of Fire on the Head


I’m so intrigued by the world of modeling. Especially when told from behind the scenes. That means that I’m a shoe in for any type of reality show having to do with anything in modeling. Just the other day I happened to stumble along the blog, Fire on the Head by a model named Rima Vaidila in California. One of the amazing aspects of finding a model’s blog is that it serves as inspiration in the fashion area and discovering a new muse.  Check out Rima’s amazing simplistic style with an edge just sharp enough to have you guessing.





nycc19 - Copy




images via fireonthehead


Menswear Monday: Tony Stone


I first fell in love with blogger Tony Stone’s style through his girlfriend’s blog, Adeline Rapon.  The are based in Paris and have the coolest style I have ever seen. French grunge chic is the exact way I’d describe it. Their take on fashion is a more polished version of the bohemian grunge lifestyle.

Since this is about menswear, Tony has spot on style. Everytime I read the blog each outfit is so well displayed and put together. From his signature black brimmed hat, black boots, and scarves I’m inspired by each and every look. I’m sure his blog will become a new menswear addiction.


















all photos via Tony Stone in Black || Wolves & Bucks


Blogger Crush: Emelie Eng of Billy Tilly


Swedish blogger Emelie Eng is pretty much one of the coolest chicks ever. Not only does she live in Sweden (where I’m dying to go), but she also influenced by the heavy metal scene in Stockholm. Awesome. Her blog, Billy Tilly is one of my go-to bookmarks when looking for outfit inspiration. You’ll fall in love with her style too. I’m sure.

Just the other week on VH1 I was watching a documentary asking the question whether ‘grunge’ belongs in the evolution of metal? In the end it was decided that it had absolutely nothing to do with metal but was more of a reaction to the genre itself. Still however it produced a badass subculture that I just love.










images via billytilly


Blogger Crush: Thelma Romu


There are some blogs that stay in my bookmarks forever. I’ve been following Thelma of thelmanblogi for about 2 years now. One of the interesting aspects about the blogging world is seeing style evolution from all over the world. I love her 90s grunge wild child style that she always shows in every photo. Thelma comes from Finland, and naturally I’m obsessed with Scandinavia in general so her style is just the spark that ignites my bookmark feed on the regular.























all photos via thelmanblogi


Bookshelf: Fashion Blogs


“Fashion Blogs” was one of the first books to really explore the booming industry of fashion blogging. I first heard about this book in 2011 and it was one of the hardest to track down. It sold out faster than anyone could have ever imagined, so I after months of eBay stalking I emerged victorious. It’s great to see that so many of these fire starters of the blogosphere are still going strong.

Since it’s release in 2010 the world of fashion blogging has grown more than anyone expected. This book profiles blogs in different categories; news and views, seen on the streets, personal style diaries, creatures of the night, and what about the boys? Here is one from each section of this truly inspiring book on the beginning of the fashion blog craze.

Fashion Blogs: News and Views- Susie Bubble



Fashion Blogs: Seen on the Streets- The Streets Walker (Israel)



Fashion Blogs: Personal Style Diaries- Alice Point (Poland)



Fashion Blogs: Creatures of the Night- The Cobrasnake (USA) 



Fashion Blogs: What About the Guys?- The Dandy Project (Philippines, USA)

dandyphotos via my own scan

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Blogger Crush: Margaux Lonnberg of thekillingmoonconfused


A few weeks ago I found this incredible blog, thekillingmoonconfused. Written by Parisian based Margaux Lonnberg who dreams of nothing more than leaving the somewhat gloomy skies of Europe to the sun drenched locale of the West Coast. She has a simplistic style with a bohemian edge that I’m super obsessed with. I like to think of her as a Parisian version of Erin Wasson, one of my favorite models. Now Margaux has a clothing line, music video, and she provides endless doses of inspiration.

Style Like U did a profile on her a few years back and it’s one of the best features I’ve ever seen. Hopefully I’ve given you yet another blog to add to your bookmarks.














photos via

Blogger Style File: Minnie of MoiMinnie

supportfab-moiminnieSome of the blogs that I love the most are very minimal. There is something more to be said when there is less to distract your eye and mind from clutter. Minnie Johnson of Moi Minnie is a photographer from Serbia and is one of the latest blogs that I’ve  added to my Google Reader. She posts various outfits, but also some great DIY tutorials and samples of her own photographs. Everything from her style to her dramatic hair changes keep me coming back for more inspiration. I’m sure you’ll be running back too.

90s-details-moiminnieDSCF0609a_resize3.1inspired1-moiminnieallthatglitters2-moiminniebeige1-moiminnieclear2-moiminniefurrr1-moiminnielessismore1-moiminniepinkhair1-moiminnieshredded3-moiminniewhiteliner1-moiminnieyesterday2-moiminniephotos via moiminnie blog

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Blogger Style Crush: Nadia Sarwar aka. FrouFrouu

08-img_0226dIt’s occurred to me that I never really explore the style bloggers that inspire me on the blog that often. Just recently I thought it would be good to profile not only the nostalgic celebrities and models that reflect the “grunge” aesthetic of the new millenium. For this week I wanted to show how amazing Nada Sarwar aka. FrouFrouu’s style is. She is an incredible photographer and her work can be seen on her own blog, but her style is something that makes her doubly exciting. I love her bohemian but definitely European grunge flair. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Check her out:

17-IMG_8301-00124-SB March '12 edited152981718563860163_PyeTSA0W209347082648892177_9VVULwezimgresScreen shot 2013-01-08 at 2.55.40 PMScreen shot 2013-01-08 at 2.56.04 PMScreen shot 2013-01-08 at 2.56.36 PMScreen shot 2013-01-08 at 2.58.38 PM2687127-TurnkeyScreen shot 2013-01-08 at 3.24.57 PMall photos via

Yes. An Outfit post ft ASOS!

So as most of you know I’ve never really done an outfit post on the blog. I thought it was finally time and the good people over at ASOS  wanted to see how I would customize some pieces from their awesome winter sale going on. Who doesn’t love a good sale?

Through the years you’ve seen my personal style through the world of instgram but here is a more personal look into the life of me with some of these awesome pieces. I’m incredibly awkward in front of the camera since I usually spend most of the time behind it, but hopefully my choices will inspire your fashion!

outfit1*wearing the ASOS Leather Biker Jacket,  Cheap Monday sweater, Urban Outftters jeans, Zadig & Voltaire Boots

outfit2*wearing Rick Owens leather jacket, Generation X vintage t-shirt, ASOS Jewel Print Pants, Puja Cross Necklace, Acne wedges

outfit3*wearing ASOS Biker Jacket in Bonded Denim, ASOS 3D Star Sweater, Urban Outfitters skirt, American Apparel tights, Chloe Susanna boots ( my  holy grail) 

Hope everyone enjoyed that little peek into my world. Shop the ASOS sale HERE!

photos by Cody McCook

A throwback post coming up later today!

Style Blogger Crush: Jessica of Vintage Virgin


Personal style is one of the biggest reasons why the fashion blogger world has exploded in the last 5 years. I always admire personal style bloggers for giving countless people all over the world a peek into what really goes into dressing everyday.

For my blogger crush this week I wanted to share the amazing vintage closet of Jessica Virgin, better known as the Vintage Virgin. Since I moved to California I have had a whole new appreciation for vintage fashion and really spinning it into your own style. As most people know Cali is known for it’s endless supply of vintage shops as far as the eye can see. Jessica hails from Texas and this mom is seriously rocking her personal style coast to coast.

Here are some of my favorite looks from her blog, Vintage Virgin over the past few years…

12CSC_0118CSC_0183CSC_0200CSC_0256CSC_0388CSC_0420CSC_0582DSC_0260DSC_0529all photos via Vintage Virgin blog