Movie Crush: Highway


I know you’ve missed me but not to worry, I’m back. I’ve made the move back to my home coast and things have really changed as expected. The one thing that gives me solace is my collection of films and music still kept in my old room. It sounds strange but it’s good to know that I can travel back into my old psyche and remember why I loved them so much.

Highway, released in 2002 is seriously a cult fave of mine. The film, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto in a roadtrip to Seattle for a Kurt Cobain vigil couldn’t get any better if I wrote the script myself. Even though it was filmed in the early 00s, it takes place in ’94 which gives it perfect grounds for a review here on FG. In the midst of this monumental trip on the road they meet Selma Blair and a list of zany characters. Without giving too much away, these two best friends are on the run in a hyper state of reality to one of the cities that inspired the music I love so dear. Must see.








highway+pic1highway-highway-jack-hayes-jack-hayes-jake-gyllenhaal-jared-leto-Favim.com-201641images via google


90s Crush : Jason Lee


I first fell in love with Jason Lee in the film Mallrats. It’s crazy that I actually remember watching it for the first time in my best friends living room. I think from that moment on we started prefacing everything with “true story”. Jason Lee started out as a pro skateboarder in early 90s famously starring in Spike Jonze’s classic skate film, Video Days for Blind Skateboards. He began landing movie roles and soon left the full time skate world for Hollywood. He’s been a great influence and is making such an impact in both worlds.





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Inspiration: Still Frames


Disturbing Behavior (1998) 

Apart from music being the most important thing in my life, the vast area of 90s films run a close second. When I think about some of my favorites, I find that still frames from each film pop into my head. In a departure from the usual Sunday inspiration posts, I’ve gathered a selection still frames from some of the movies that helped shape my adolescence.


Empire Records (1995)


Fear (1996)


Clueless (1995) 

fight-club-fight-club-4748124-1706-960Fight Club (1999)

le-traumatisant-mais-somptueux-kids-de-larryKids (1995)

pf1032d_3(1)Nowhere (1997)


The Basketball Diaries (1995)

Rivers-Edge-Keanu-Reeves-and-Chrispin-GlooverRiver’s Edge (1987)

totallyTotally Fucked Up (1993) 

tumblr_mh96jpawwv1qghl49o1_500Natural Born Killers (1994)

vXa8cVrteyKyEeCozrE0pIHrnUmSubUrbia (1996) 

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Movie Crush: The Rules of Attraction

rules of attraction

Now I know I’m breaking the cardinal rule of the site by discussing pop culture after the 90s but what the hell. The Rules of Attraction which came out in 2002 could have easily been released in the 90s. I remember seeing this when I was in college with a whole group of friends. I can safely say that I was incredibly obsessed and ran out to get the book (by Bret Easton Ellis) just a week later.

Shannyn Sossamon, who is one of the standouts of the film is my personal style icon from almost any film. From her asymmetrical haircut, tomboyish attitude, and skateboard girl cool factor she’s pretty much perfect. Also, can’t help but to give James Van Der Beek an honorable mention for his role as sketchy and deviant charater, Sean. Who is a far cry from his standard 90s role of “Dawson Leery” from “Dawson’s Creek”. It’s also impossible to forget Ian Somerhalder as Paul and Victor’s whirlwind trip through Europe.








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Fallen Icon : Kristen Pfaff


In going through the icons of 90s past I was surprised that I hadn’t mentioned Hole bassist, Kristen Pfaff. While she was only in the band for a short time, she played and sung backup on their most critically acclaimed album, Live Through This.  She was a friend of Kurt Cobain and much of the grunge scene.

When she attended college in Minnesota she learned the bass and formed the band Janitor Joe with some friends. The band begun to take off in the early 90s and while on tour in California she caught the attention of Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson of Hole. After much persistence, she became the new bass player for Hole in ’93. She moved to Seattle to work with the band on the most iconic album of their career, Live Through This. During this time in Pacific Northwest it was such a creatively energetic time, enter friendships with Cobain and Erlandson.


The negative side to living in Seattle during this time was the noted heroin problem the city was facing. on June 16th 1994 ( just months after Kurt’s death) she was found in her apartment by a friend. She died of a heroin overdose. There are so many notable figures who we have lost during this musically rich time, but we can never forget them. Kristen Pfaff still holds a place in rock history, and is one of my favorite fallen stars from the grunge era.










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Movie Crush: Before Sunrise


This is one of those films that immediately captured me when I watched it the first time. Within 20 minutes it just seemed like the most accurate portrayal of meeting a stranger when traveling. Thankfully, I’ve had few experiences exactly like this one, but there are a few people I’ve met while traveling that have had a dramatic impact on my life.

The film follows an early 90’s Ethan Hawke (which says it all) and French actress Julie Delpy on a train headed to Paris. In Vienna they stop and have an amazing time getting to know each other while discovering a new city. This film also spawned Before Sunset and Before Midnight, which are just as important as this one. This first in the series is just so captivating that you almost have to watch it twice.






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Tuneage : Mudhoney


During my discovery of grunge music when I was just a kid, I found all sorts of treasures when looking outside of the Nirvana bubble. I then expanded to the Sub Pop oeuvre which lead me to Seattle based band, Mudhoney. The distortion and grimey sounds that they are known for was just a little less melodic and poppy than Nirvana which was a great way to expand myself beyond the popular “grunge” genre. They also played shows with Nirvana in the early days and their early music has been noted as an influence so many Seattle bands in the late 80s/early 90s underground scene. Lead by Mark Arm who is still playing with the band today, is a definite reminder that the spirit is not dead.

See also: Green River