Throwback Thursday: “Drugstore Cowboy”

Time for another throwback to the days when new music and movies for me ran rampant. I often get discouraged in times today because it seems I’m always looking toward.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen Drugstore Cowboy and thank goodness Netflix has it up on Instant Watch. Told from the perspective of 4 drug addled buddies outside Portland, Gus Van Sant nails it again portraying the characters in one of the most authentic stages yet. Filmed in 1989, the story is becoming all too familiar in the world of independent film. There seems to be a fascination with the lives and living patterns of drug addicts in the movies. Requiem for a Dream comes to mind as another earth shattering talk of drugs and crime.

One of the aspects of the movie that caught my eye was the costume design and overall style in the film. Matt Dillion and Kelly Lynch are wearing some of the most inspiration worthy outfits that I’ve seen in years. Heather Graham also makes an appearance as one of Dillion’s crew. The story is set up like a twisted Bonnie and Clyde with young heroin chic kids causing mayhem all over the city. One of Gus Van Sant’s not to miss pictures. Definitely check this out.

photos via tumblr

Fashion Grunge Friday Mixtape #4: Riding the Wave

Here we are. Number #4 in the series of mixes here. Last night got me thinking about the waves and tides of the ocean. Ride this wave of music for this week.


David Bowie- Boys Keep Swinging

Beat! Beat! Beat!- We Are Waves

Matthew Sweet- Where You Get Love

Nada Surf- Deeper Well

Soul Coughing- Circles

Washington Social Club- Charlie the Russian

Dinosaur Jr.- Turnip Farm

The Black Keys- The Lengths

Sonic Youth- Mary-Christ

Animal Collective- Fireworks

City and Colour- Hello, I’m In Delaware

Die Antwoord- Rich Bitch

Gunnar Jonsson- New Rain

Holy Ghost- Say My Name


Fashion Grunge Friday Mixtape # 3: “Back to Skool”

This time of year always makes me think of back to school. Even though I’m not in high school, my musical taste hasnt really changed. Something that I find interesting and pretty awesome. The alternative rock scene was such a huge part of growing up for me. There are a few old favorites mixed in here as well as some random jams that remind you of picking out your first day of school outfit with the radio blasting.


Everclear- Local God

Fugazi- Long Division

Our Lady Peace- Clumsy

Jill Sobule- Supermodel

BUSH- Swim

The Flys- Got You Where I Want You

Goldfinger- Here in Your Bedroom

Oasis- Hello

Veruca Salt- Volcano Girls

Lustre- Nice Overalls

Foo Fighters- I’ll Stick Around

Sleater-Kinney- Get Up

Green Day- J.A.R.

The Toadies- Possum Kingdom

Gin Blossoms- Till I Hear It From You

Harvey Danger- Flagpole Sitta

Goo Goo Dolls- Lazy Eye


photo from #6 Fashion Grunge Editorial “Venice Shade”

Fashion Grunge It Girl: Fiona Apple

In the late 90s Fiona Apple was one of the biggest influences in my life. After the discovery of Alanis and the angry girl pop genre my mind went into overdrive after hearing the Tidal album for the first time. I was lucky enough to see Fiona on that tour and years later in support of her Extraordinary Machine album. For me she always turned her agressive lyrics into such poetry. Unlike anything I had ever heard before. I have a whole journal full of angry girl prose to prove it.

Fiona’s style always captivated me. From her bohemian grunge twist she presented herself as a strong independent artist in the 90s. I could talk about Fiona all day but here are a few snaps of her style and one of her first live performances on tv that changed the way I listened to music.

Also, who can forget her famous MTV VMA acceptance speech in ’97? *see below

Stay tuned tomorrow for the teaser to our new editorial!

photos via tumblr and pinterest

Fashion Grunge Editorial #12: “Brooklyn in the Sun”

We’ve hopped planes, trains and automobiles in an attempt to make ourselves bi-coastal. So back to my old stomping ground of New York City to get inspired for a new series of shoots. So far we have done 4 shoots since we have been here with one more on the way! This shoot was inspired by the east coast streets and summer colors I remembered as a child. With clothing by This Is a Love Song, Isabel Lu, Daftbird and soo many others! We hope you enjoy it as much as we had shooting it!

models own hat; vest by Big Star; vintage Exploited tee

models own hat; vintage Exploited tee, silk pants by Line, models own shoes

top by La Fee Verte; leather shorts by Isabel Lu, shoes by Doc Martens

top by Daftbird; watches by TKO, pants by MAXFOWLES

models own hat; shirt dress by Alisha Levine; models own shoes

blouse by Isabel Lu; overalls by This Is A Love Song; models own boots

Huge thanks to Melt Management, Bollare, and Seamless!

Photography: Lauren M Brown

Style: Becca Ciacchi & Cody McCook

Model: Charlotte Johnson

Menswear Monday: The Melvins

This is more of a Music Monday than a “Menswear” Monday but I was in the mood…

Remember what it’s like when you become so into a band that you try to find out everything about them? When I was in my teenage years this is what I did when it came to Nirvana. I read countless biographies, some accurate and some not so accurate in an attempt to learn not just about the music itself but what inspired it. One of my favorite books, “Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana” by Michael Azerrad explores the deep love and admiration that Kurt Cobain had for the band, The Melvins. Like a true fan girl I went out and got the cd “Houdini” in an attempt to learn more about what inspired his musical process. Granted “Houdini” was released in ’93, but it still gives you a pretty good idea of what sparked the whole grunge scene for me. For a look at their earlier work check out Ozma.

Kurt even painted this KISS drawings on the side of their touring van notoriously known around Seattle as the “Mel-Van”. Crazy how all the bands of the time were connected.

photos via tumblr

Grunge “Diamond” Style: Becka Diamond

It seemed only fitting that I write a post on Becka Diamond. This DJ, model, actress, photographer has been on the scene for quite a while and just recently made the move to LA from NYC.  StyleLikeU did a feature on her a little bit ago and I’ve been inspired ever since. Anyone who is willing and able to wear their favorite Rick Owens leather jacket year round is just A-OK in my book.

While I think she has a more bohemian punk approach to her personal style, I can very much relate to the color black and the band tees that seem to be a staple her closet as well as mine. Becka and Pamela Love…umm awesomeness.

Just last week she did a mixtape for SGC that was just perfect for my Monday morning routine. Get it HERE!

Photos via tumblr//google//stylelikeU//