Movie Files: Disturbing Behavior


Back in those crazy times that we remember as the 90s there were unlimited amazing movies that just flew under the radar.  One of my personal favorites from ’98 that I still actually have on VHS is Disturbing Behavior. James Marsden plays a teen who just moves to a small town in the Pacific Northwest with his family and at his new high school he discovers something is up with the kids at the high school. Without spoiling it too much Katie Holmes (who has super awesome style) and Nick Stahl are his awesome and grunge-styled friends throughout and lets just say this redefines the cult thriller late 90s genre.





(the best song/video from the film)

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Movie Crush: Highway


I know you’ve missed me but not to worry, I’m back. I’ve made the move back to my home coast and things have really changed as expected. The one thing that gives me solace is my collection of films and music still kept in my old room. It sounds strange but it’s good to know that I can travel back into my old psyche and remember why I loved them so much.

Highway, released in 2002 is seriously a cult fave of mine. The film, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto in a roadtrip to Seattle for a Kurt Cobain vigil couldn’t get any better if I wrote the script myself. Even though it was filmed in the early 00s, it takes place in ’94 which gives it perfect grounds for a review here on FG. In the midst of this monumental trip on the road they meet Selma Blair and a list of zany characters. Without giving too much away, these two best friends are on the run in a hyper state of reality to one of the cities that inspired the music I love so dear. Must see.








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Menswear Monday : Evan Peters

evan-peters-on-quicksilvers-look-in-x-men-days-of-future-pastYes, it’s Tate. If you watch American Horror Story then you will totally get this post. Over the past four seasons actor Evan Peters has played a multitude of characters all from the anthology series by Ryan Murphy. He’s been a depressed grunge teenager, a suspected serial killer, a frat boy Frankenstein and now in the current Freak Show season, he’s just Jimmy Darling.

One of the reasons I like Evan Peters so much is his impressive dossier of characters in such a short period of time. Completely adapting to the environment and decade almost seems like such an ease.  He’s engaged to Emma Roberts, a fellow cast mate. Also, he doesn’t do many shoots but the ones I’ve seen are pretty badass.









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90s Crush : Jason Lee


I first fell in love with Jason Lee in the film Mallrats. It’s crazy that I actually remember watching it for the first time in my best friends living room. I think from that moment on we started prefacing everything with “true story”. Jason Lee started out as a pro skateboarder in early 90s famously starring in Spike Jonze’s classic skate film, Video Days for Blind Skateboards. He began landing movie roles and soon left the full time skate world for Hollywood. He’s been a great influence and is making such an impact in both worlds.





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Inspiration: Still Frames


Disturbing Behavior (1998) 

Apart from music being the most important thing in my life, the vast area of 90s films run a close second. When I think about some of my favorites, I find that still frames from each film pop into my head. In a departure from the usual Sunday inspiration posts, I’ve gathered a selection still frames from some of the movies that helped shape my adolescence.


Empire Records (1995)


Fear (1996)


Clueless (1995) 

fight-club-fight-club-4748124-1706-960Fight Club (1999)

le-traumatisant-mais-somptueux-kids-de-larryKids (1995)

pf1032d_3(1)Nowhere (1997)


The Basketball Diaries (1995)

Rivers-Edge-Keanu-Reeves-and-Chrispin-GlooverRiver’s Edge (1987)

totallyTotally Fucked Up (1993) 

tumblr_mh96jpawwv1qghl49o1_500Natural Born Killers (1994)

vXa8cVrteyKyEeCozrE0pIHrnUmSubUrbia (1996) 

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Movie Crush: The Rules of Attraction

rules of attraction

Now I know I’m breaking the cardinal rule of the site by discussing pop culture after the 90s but what the hell. The Rules of Attraction which came out in 2002 could have easily been released in the 90s. I remember seeing this when I was in college with a whole group of friends. I can safely say that I was incredibly obsessed and ran out to get the book (by Bret Easton Ellis) just a week later.

Shannyn Sossamon, who is one of the standouts of the film is my personal style icon from almost any film. From her asymmetrical haircut, tomboyish attitude, and skateboard girl cool factor she’s pretty much perfect. Also, can’t help but to give James Van Der Beek an honorable mention for his role as sketchy and deviant charater, Sean. Who is a far cry from his standard 90s role of “Dawson Leery” from “Dawson’s Creek”. It’s also impossible to forget Ian Somerhalder as Paul and Victor’s whirlwind trip through Europe.








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Young Buzz: Jack Kilmer


This Spring I happened to catch “Palo Alto”, director Gia Coppola’s debut feature film based on James Franco’s book on adolescent life in Northern California. I was instantly drawn to the “Coppola aesthetic”, as it relates so much to what high school was like for me growing up in Washington, DC. It really is a film to put on your list to watch.

Jack Kilmer, who is the son of actor Val Kilmer had a breakthrough role in the film. I think its safe to say that this isn’t the last that we will be hearing from him. His honest portrayal of Teddy reminded so much of the demeanor of guys in my own classes in school. From his grungy attire and all around angst, it really put me right back to being the awkward girl in school doing random things for all sorts of reasons.

He even captured the attention of Hedi Slimane, as he walked in the Saint Laurent mens SS15 show just a few months ago. Whether actor or model he’s got an interesting look that lends to all sorts of genres.