Style File: Jemina Pearl

tumblr_lt99t1rPcu1qh4bmwo1_500I’m so obsessed with girl fronted bands. Much like the unicorn, they are reveled as such forces of nature especially in such a male dominated world. Which brings me to Jemina Pearl, formerly of the garage punk band Be Your Own Pet out of Nashville. They broke up a few years ago and its one band that I regret not seeing before they split. For a brief while she played in Ultras S/C which I’m also a fan of, but basically she has the sickest style. Now she’s working on some solo projects but for now lets take some visual and sound inspo from this “pearl” of garage style wisdom.








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Mixtape: Off-Track December 2014

Fashion Grunge | Off-Track December 2014 by Fashiongrunge on Mixcloud

I know, you hate me for taking so long to do the new mixtape. Not to worry, I will have the January one in a jiffy at the start of the month. Enjoy this latest compilation that I burned from my prized cd collection. A true episode of cd nostalgia.


Noise Addict- Pop Queen
Hard-Fi- Move on Now
Talking Heads- Once in a Lifetime
Hot Rod Circuit- 6-8
Bear vs. Shark- 5,6 Kids
The Stone Roses- This is the One
The Killers- When You Were Young
From First to Last- The Latest Plague
Razorlight- In the Morning
The Receiving End Of Sirens- Then I Defy You Stars…
American Football- The Summer Ends
Say Anything- But a Fleeting Illness
Planes Mistaken For Stars- Division
Foo Fighters- Monkey Wrench
Name Taken- Cover Up
BUSH- Everything Zen
Fenix Tx- katie w.
Senses Fail- Free Fall Without a Parachute
Right Away Great Captain-S/T


Mixtape: Off-Track November 2014

Fashion Grunge | Off-Track November 2014 by Fashiongrunge on Mixcloud

I decided to do something a little different for the mixtape series. It’s always nice to switch things up, so because I’m so camera shy I thought I would speak to all of you through the music.  So, each month I’ll keep up the series and give you a little bit more of an insight into why I chose each song. The series I’ve entitled, “Off Track” as a nod to the changes happening in my life just now. Enjoy!


Jack White- Black Bat Licorice
Smashing Pumpkins- La Dolly Vita
Jack Kilmer- TM
Manchester Orchestra- I Can Barely Breathe
Crescendo- Call Cards
Pavement- Here
Nirvana – On a Plain [Live at Reading]
Brand New- Limousine
The 1975- Sex
Embrace- Dance of Days
New Ivory- A Knight
New Radicals- I Hope I Didn’t Just Give Away the Ending
Babyshambles- Sequel to the Prequel
Stone Temple Pilots- Plush (Acoustic)

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Tuneage Tuesday : Ryan Adams

d1a78a34319c36f97a75f751c1474f47So I have a long appreciation for Ryan Adams. I first discovered his music when I was in college and going through one of “those” moments. You know the deep introspective  times when you’re just trying make it through the rainy day laying on your dorm bed.

Over the years he’s put out14 studio albums, with each one being just as beautiful and diverse as the next.  From alt-country, folk, and even a punk and metal concept record, his imprint remains on each genre.  Just last month he released his new self titled album to good reviews yet again.

In the 2000s he was known as a bit of a rebellious personality, often being unpredictable when it comes to live shows and other events. Through that he’s more known now for being married to Mandy Moore, but to me he’s another one of my favorite and truly honest singer-songwriters.








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The New Class: Swim Deep


This post is a little bit of a departure from the usual, but what would it be without a little change. Swim Deep is a group from Birmingham, UK formed in 2010 with an indie pop sound and a nod to early 90s style. While their music is not typically what one would identify as the “grunge” sound, it’s clear that they were influenced by the style. I have their song “King City” on one of my Spotify playlists for late night dreaming. So, this post I thought would be good to appreciate the grunge style of the past that really transcends many musical genres even today.











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Fallen Icon : Kristen Pfaff


In going through the icons of 90s past I was surprised that I hadn’t mentioned Hole bassist, Kristen Pfaff. While she was only in the band for a short time, she played and sung backup on their most critically acclaimed album, Live Through This.  She was a friend of Kurt Cobain and much of the grunge scene.

When she attended college in Minnesota she learned the bass and formed the band Janitor Joe with some friends. The band begun to take off in the early 90s and while on tour in California she caught the attention of Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson of Hole. After much persistence, she became the new bass player for Hole in ’93. She moved to Seattle to work with the band on the most iconic album of their career, Live Through This. During this time in Pacific Northwest it was such a creatively energetic time, enter friendships with Cobain and Erlandson.


The negative side to living in Seattle during this time was the noted heroin problem the city was facing. on June 16th 1994 ( just months after Kurt’s death) she was found in her apartment by a friend. She died of a heroin overdose. There are so many notable figures who we have lost during this musically rich time, but we can never forget them. Kristen Pfaff still holds a place in rock history, and is one of my favorite fallen stars from the grunge era.










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Downtown w/ Cre•scen•do


Deep in the heart of the warehouse district in Downtown LA, I had a chat with Gregory (vocals, guitar), Jade (synth), and Crystal (bass) also known as Los Angeles based dream pop outfit, Crescendo. Their debut album, “Lost Thoughts” (produced by John Kunkel of The New Division) is out today and Jade describes their sound as “delicious and buttery”. A truly original take that only someone on the inside could have. Which translates as an intriguing must listen of the fall season. In between the classic rock blaring on the speakers of the coffee shop, I got to the core of Crescendo; not only as a band but as people outside of their laid-back California sun soaked music.

While the band hails from Southern California, you really can’t help hearing the post punk sound of Northern England in their music. Maybe it’s because of singer Gregory’s influences; as he mentions that The Radio Dept. and The Smiths are some of his favorite musical artists. The rest of the band however has a more eclectic taste, ranging from Billie Holiday to black metal. All of this comes together while still blending the West Coast sound. “Let’s face it”, Jade says “California is in your DNA.” It’s hard to escape.


Their single “Gatsby” has been on heavy rotation this summer, as is their music video to accompany the track. The band gave director Sal Chavez complete creative control with his vision, and it turned out great much to the bands delight. The video creates a clean environment of the music with the mysterious identities of the bands never revealed and carrying a romantic subtext throughout.

Whether they are planning dream tours like playing alongside The Beatles, Blood Orange, or Dead Man’s Bones they are also waxing poetic on the impact the internet is making on music today. It’s a different world than 20 years ago, there is more of an opportunity to reach your music to a wider audience, Gregory says. An exciting time is definitely on the horizon.


When it comes to fashion Crescendo likes to play it cool. In unconscious dressing and it’s opposite; Gregory is currently trying to resurrect his favorite shoe gaze bands by wearing their shirts to each interview or photo shoot going forward. Jade takes her influences from Kelly Bundy and Queen Elizabeth, while Crystal prefers to let the colors speak to her.


Their new album aptly titled “Lost Thoughts”, is out today through all forms of digital distribution as well as on vinyl. It is described by the band as 11 tracks centered around romanticism, nights of long dancing, relationships, and daring to dream.

Download their new album today on iTunes and get the vinyl on their website 

 Cre• scen•do on Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram