Exclusive: Adventures of a Unicorn | Joshua Tree by Stefania Consarino

It’s not often that we can take a journey into the desert with a classic Porsche car and a unicorn. Follow along with photographer Stefania Consarino for a truly whimsical story.

UA1Once upon a time there was a young boy fed up with his mundane city life…

UA2he decided to drive out to a magical place in Joshua Tree.

UA3As he lost his way,

UA4he thought that it might be a place to stay.

UA5reflected upon the important things in life

UA6and the how banal it would be to stay in a freight

UA7he crawled down a hole

UA8and little did he know how far that would go.

UA9came out feeling strange but also relieved

UA10to let go of some part he never believed.

UA11to be continued…

Photography: Stefania Consarino

Model: Derek An aka Mr. Unicorn


Malena by Armando Huertas

IMG_7528Armando Huertas is a photographer from Guadalajara, México and while he’s only been behind the camera for 9 months, his work has a cinematic quality to it with the innate ability to tell a story.  We can definitely expect to see more from him in the future, and I can’t wait to see where the story leads.





IMG_7450Photography: Armando Huertas

Model: Malena Blas



Crushin: Heartbreaker by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

OC-1747_CS_editorial1bOk, seriously Chloe Sevigny could not get any cooler. Aside from always delivering the perfect amount of style and nostalgia with each collection she does with Opening Ceremony. In this new editorial for the brand she shows off her collection for SS 15 featuring plaids, graphics, and the nod to tomboy nostalgia that’s everything Chloe.





OC-1747_CS_editorial9photos via opening ceremony


Exclusive: Abandoned by Holly Jane Northover

000004The essence of film photography is something that I truly love so when there is a story behind it, the photos come to life in a new way.

In Holly’s words:

I am an analogue photographer, residing in Melbourne, Australia. This set was shot at an abandoned house on my street that I walk past everyday. I went and explored one night with my point and shoot camera and loved the detail in all the rooms and how the place had such a story and feel to it. I styled my model Emma to look as though this is somewhere she would hang out, escaping the world. I pushed the film to give it a grainy look inside, and used the natural light outside with slower film. Having that light and dark look creates a balance of elegance and toughness in the photos and for the emotion of the story they portray.

000008000010000013000014000019000025000028000034000035000043000045PHOTOGRAPHER & STYLIST – Holly Jane Northover

MODEL – Emma Davies


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Inspiration: Deliverance

We are always looking for deliverance. Maybe you can find it in this latest batch of inspiration.
















images via tumblr


Exclusive: Here She Comes Again by Jay Aparecida Rodriguez


One of our favorite contributing photographers from France, Jay has sent a personal series especially for the site.  Here are a few words from him on his photography process and his desire to shoot in film these days.

“I met Seoyoon randomly 5 years ago in Paris, then she went back to her hometown Seoul (Korea)  to become a professional model. In January 2015,  it was the first time she came back to Paris so we decided to do a photoshoot. To be honest sometimes my home is my studio. So we did the photoshoot there. Stylists are always looking for studios but it’s harder for me to be inspired there. I prefer this kind of intimacy that you can create with all the stuff in your place. Then it’s all about angles & crops.

Many young photographers are always desperate to make everything look very neat to prove they can do very polished work and be commercially viable. I really don’t care about that.
I’m 25 and I’m always shooting with a lot of darkness & a bit of light. In this case, only one small window! The challenge was there. It’s always a tough one because there’s a lot of pressure for stylists & make up artists because I’m also only using film (medium format), so they can’t see the results immediately. However, it’s an aesthetic that I choose. I know everything changed in the industry of course. I would still like to stay a film photographer because it changes the way you shoot and compose a picture.
I’d say one  thing : for me film photography is a very old fashioned process, like painting, being romantic about things ….I have an old fashioned view of art, but I’m looking for beauty & sublime. I tried to make Seoyoon look gorgeous & beautiful as simple as she is, because the simple & natural interpretation of someone or something can be the most beautiful thing in the world.”

#2#3#4#5#6#7#8#9Photography: Jay Aparecida Rodriguez

Stylist & Make-up: Paula Da silva

Model: Seoyoon @ W Model Agency


Exclusive: Escape by Stefan Deyn

img483I love the simple and raw nature of photographer Stefan Deyn’s work. Just a bit ago we did an interview with him to get to know more about his process and why he decides to shoot film in the digital world we live in.  Here is an exclusive series with Gaia that just makes you want to escape.





img495Photography: Stefan Deyn

Model: Gaia Orgeas