Late Edition Menswear Monday: Slash of Guns N Roses

I can’t believe that it has taken this long for me to do a post about Slash from Guns N Roses. One of my best friends, Charlie from back home is obsessed with them. In turn throughout our childhood I also became quite enthralled with Axl Rose and the gang…

Slash has reached a look that suits him well. I mean who else can look that bad ass with a top hat, leather jacket and those glasses. And don’t even get me started on the amazing hair (much like my own).

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So a few days ago my roommate came to grips with the fact that his true love, Kate Moss was getting married this week. Needless to say now she is off the market married to Jamie Hince.

Congrats Kate and Jamie!

credit: thefashionspot


It’s not really vintage but here are some of my fav old candid photos of my inspirations, Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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Kids. Raise the Bells.

this photo reminds me of Chloe Sevigny’s part in the 1995 movie Kids.

Chloe and Rosario Dawson in Kids (1995),,

Lazy Saturday…

It’s never a bad time for a little inspiration. These are some of my favorite images from weheartit that I found this morning. All of the images are people or things that have been inspiring me lately.


Coffee Break.

Is there nothing better than coffee with these two?

Didn’t think so.

Menswear Tuesday: Andrew Garfield

I know…I know..I’m a day late. Yesterday was a holiday here in the States so I figured that most people would be out enjoying the sun..and here we are men on a Tuesday!

Most know Andrew Garfield as his role in ‘The Social Network”. That’s when I first took notice. Now, he’s playing Peter Parker in the new Spiderman franchise. What a difference a year makes. Born in LA but raised in the UK, Garfield is Hollywood’s next big superstar. And he’s real cute too!

you get the idea…

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