Witty Wednesday: How to get shot by the Sartorialist…

I think by now most people know The Sartorialist style blog. Scott Shuman, the photographer has become a household name shooting style all over the globe. He started in New York City and then traveled to various fashion weeks across the globe and now has a book and his own column on style.com.

However, did you ever wonder how to get shot by Scott? Refinery29 posted this funny little diagram a few months ago I always found it funny.

Try it!

credit: refinery29.com

Menswear Monday: “Grunge Goth Glamour”

When I saw the preview for Bravo’s new show “Kell on Earth” I knew I would be hooked. Seeing the inner workings of a small but nevertheless powerful fashion PR agency was right up my alley. Even more intriguing than founder Kelly Cutrone is her assistant, Andrew Mukamal. He wears full length gowns and worships at the altar of Rick Owens, as do I. I literally wait to see what he wears with each episode. He once described his style in three words: “grunge, goth, and glamour”. Take a look at his closet and his thoughts on fashion. Marry me now. Thanks.

credit: stylelikeu.com

Menswear Monday Style Profile: Nicholas Hoult

It’s another installment of menswear Monday and Nicholas Hoult is my crush du jour this week. I know that it seems that celebrities are the focus of my last three menswear posts but I am drafting a long and detailed post of my menswear fashion week wrap up. It’s so hard to express how I feel about mens fashion because it is still fairly new to me.

Nicholas Hoult is most known from “About a Boy” with Hugh Grant back in 2002. He gained more exposure from starring as Tony on highly popular and shocking UK teen drama, Skins. A show that I happen to be a big fan of to this day. More recently he starred in “A Single Man” directed by former Gucci designer Tom Ford.  He can now also be seen in his S/S 2010 ads. Subsequently an ad that I just saw plastered along Sunset Blvd on my drive home tonight.

I have always admired the UK style. He seems like a younger more clean cut version of Pete Doherty. Although not as grungy but he has a certain type of cool, laid back style that seems to run rampant across the pond.

Check out these photos and his recent editorial in Nylon Guys magazine:

Editorial for Nylon Guys:

Credit: teenidols4you,thefashionspot, designscene.net

Mary-Kate Fashion Staple: Carol Christian Poell Boots

Ok , I think its pretty clear that I love the Olsen twins. I have seen these boots on Mary-Kate lately and I just had to know who they were designed by. One of the things that I love about her is that she constantly recycles her fashion, which is amazing seeing as their closet is probably bigger than my house.

Carol Christian Poell,  an Austrian designer who bears many similarities to Martin Margiela with his transforming garments that can be worn more than 5 different ways. Check out some of his menswear at www.ateliernewyork.com( which is also worth visiting if you are in the nyc area).

Here is Mary-Kate sporting her favorite boots around town:

credit: fashionspot.com

Indie Grunge: Kirsten Dunst

I have always loved style that is unpredictable. Kirsten Dunst to me has a style that is almost as schizophrenic as my own. One minute her style is inspired by the French, then the next minute she is grunge-tastic. I prefer to categorize her as having an indie approach to the grunge vibe. She seems to draw aspects of vintage style which is a very big part of the indie lifestyle. While these selections may not necessarily be “grunge” these are my favorites.

She appeared on the cover of W Magazine in April 2007 and it is still one of her most beautiful editorials I’ve ever seen. Shot by Craig McDean.

Candids Credit: kirsten-d.com

Collage Credit: fashiontoast.com

Editorial Credit: hotcelebshome.com

“Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach”

It’s Menswear Monday!

Ok, it was just about time to introduce one of my favorite reality tv stars. He’s dark, mysterious, and looks like he dropped right out of 1992. This is none other than the mysterious Justin Bobby (aka. Justin Brescia) from MTV’s The Hills. I have loved his style since the day he first appeared in the second season. He nails the grunge look with his combat boots, and the L.A. approach to grunge style that is re-emerging everywhere these days just continues to inspire me. Check out his crushworthy style here…

source: Facebook Fan Page, google.com, mtv.com

We were the Kings and Queens of Promise…Jared Leto

First thing, I have decided to create a cheesy installment known as “Menswear Monday”. I feel like this blog has all types of readers and I would like to broaden my horizons when it comes to menswear. Just because I don’t wear men’s clothing doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate it. So, I every Monday I will profile either a designer or style icon that I love. And lets face it, a little eye candy once a week never hurt anyone. Great little intro into…

About 2 hours ago it came out at work that I write this blog. So, I’m sure that some of my co-workers will be checking it out in the next few days. This next post will be quite hilarious. Jared Leto has become a mascot or “style icon” the past few weeks so forgive me fellow co-workers if you are sick of hearing his name. I happen to have liked his style for a few years now and now I’m going to show why.

Most known for his role as swoon worthy Jordan Catalano in all his grunge glory on acclaimed TV show ‘My So Called Life”.  God Bless the 90s because thats when we met Jared Leto.

After “My So Called Life” ended he took other movie roles but nothing could quite compare to the heroin addict that he played in the extremely powerful film “Requiem for a Dream”. I always thought that he should have gotten more recognition for that role. Reportedly he lost 20 lbs to play the character much like the opposite he would do years later gaining 70 lbs to play John Lennon’s killer, Marc David Chapman.

Check out the trailer:

Now he fronts the popular band, 30 Seconds to Mars and is more in the limelight for his music now than anything else. Much like Johnny Depp he moved to L.A. with the intention of being a musician and then acting just took off.

Now he can be seen around town with his grunge inspired style like flannels ripped denim and even a studded vest. I’m sorry but he really can make anything look good.

Let the drooling commence…

He is recently on the cover of Nylon Guys this month. Here is the editorial and interview he gave to NYLON TV…

Sources: Thefashionspot.com,pictures.jared-leto.com, google images, youtube.com

Favorite Trends of the Last Decade…

I know that it is almost rounding the beginning of February but I just had to post my favorite fashion trends of the 2000s…So enjoy! and tell me yours!

The re-emergence of ‘grunge” style

Well, come on this is the fashiongrunge blog! The first time that I realized that this would hit the runways again was the Marc Jacobs F/W 2006 show. When I knew it would hit the streets was when Mary Kate Olsen emerged from child star to fashion icon. Now a few seasons later the plaid, combat boots and ripped tights are still kicking.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 Show

Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2006

Minimalism + Luxury Basics

In the 2000s I think the importance of  having basics in your wardrobe really took off. Many designers were drawn to the fact that people just craved a great “white t-shirt”. Alexander Wang was born under this movement. The Row, the Olsen’s first fashion line was created for the desire for the perfect t-shirt.

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang noticed such a demand for basics that he created his diffusion line, T by Alexander Wang for Spring 2009

The Row

Harem Pants

While many people are a little hesitant about this trend, I happen to still love it. I bought a pair about 2 years ago and I haven’t looked back. Here are some looks that are still happening for Spring 2010.

Rag & Bone


I for one am still wearing my blazer that I bought from a thrift store for $3.00! I have never gotten so much use out of one piece in my wardrobe ever in my life.  I first saw this look on the ever so famous Balenciaga Fall 2007 runway show when “preppy” style was coming into the mainstream. Again, the Olsens were seen wearing small fitted navy blazers on the street which then cemented that this trend wasn’t going anywhere and it still hasn’t.


Once again Ashley Olsen ahead of the fashion curve sporting a little boys Ralph Lauren blazer in 2007.

Doc Marten Revival!

Well, we all know that I have a love affair with Doc Martens. Refer to my previous post here:  http://fashiongrunge.com/2008/12/15/the-doctor-is-in/

Girl of the Moment: Léa Seydoux

Léa Seydoux is a young French actress whose style I happen to love. She starred in a Levi’s commercial a few years back that made her well known. I think that it was banned in the U.S. but it’s quite a good commercial. Now she is signed to Silent Modeling Agency. There is something about the effortlessness of European style that I love. The mix of grunge with masculine and feminine influences make them so unique. I think Clemence Poésy might have some competition.

Her Levi’s Commercial: