Style Blogger Crush: Violet E.


For about a year and half I’ve been obsessed with style blogger, Violet E. Her style is just the perfect amount of the new grunge aesthetic that I love. From her endless supply of Doc Martens mixed with her goth take on her personal style, I’m in love.

She’s a photographer and also a member of The Fabulous Stains collective, our sister site!


Here are some of my favorite looks throughout the years and maybe you’ll fall in love with her style like I did.


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Reverse Coast Street Style: NYC Edition

I love looking at street style. It’s probably the one thing that I could look of every minute of every day. For this edition our NYC intern Sean took his camera out and let us into his eye for street style. I love looking at the similarities and differences between the two coasts, hence the “reverse” in the post title. Here is a more abstract look at the fashion this past month in New York City.


photos by Sean Karimian

Missin that California Sun: Another L.A. Streetstyle Edition!

it’s Elvis Zavaleta!, an amazing hair and makeup artist in LA who’s responsible for model Chloe Norgaard’s colorful locks! 

While we are here in NYC inspiring people that “grunge is not dead” we still can’t help but think about the California sun that awaits us back home. Between editing film and videos for these shoots it seems that life isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Luckily our intern in LA Eden, has been snapping photos all around town to keep California in our dreams.

Check out what all the cool kids are doing over on the “best” oh, I mean West Coast.

until next time!

All photos by Eden Siesser

In the Streets…

Happy Sunday! Time to relax and think about all the things I need to do this week. There is a lot of email correspondence that has to be done for the week coming up. People often think that LA is the streetstyle step sister to most other major cities in America. Our new intern Eden snapped a few 90s inspired outfits out the past week and here is what she found!

Thanks Eden!

Throwback Thursday: The Mini-Backpack

There are some trends that we wished never happened. Some of them we try to forget. Now, I know some people are torn over whether or not they liked the mini-backpack trend but I for one really loved  it. In true 90s revival fashion lately they have begun to make their rounds back into our “vintage” inspired closets. I specifically remember buying one at the mall in 7th grade and I couldn’t wait to debut my new treasure the next day in school. Backpacks have become to make their way out of the shadows but none will capture our hearts quite like the mini-backpack.

Let’s appreciate mini-backpacks from the 90s and welcome them back into our lives with open arms.

i had one just like this.

Cher Horowitz rocking her white fuzzy one.

photos via tumblr, pinterest, weheartit

Fashion Habit: Cuffed Jeans

I was originally going to title this post something like “trendwatch”. Then I realized that in my own world it’s not so much of a trend as it is a fashion habit. It seems that whenI put jeans on I automatically cuff them.  Now with the changing lengths in denim trends almost anyone can make their denim the perfect length.

Also, who doesn’t want to show off your shoes?

it’s summer! time to roll em up!

oh and the queens: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

photos via tumblr, weheartit, pheasantsandvultures

Throwback Thursday: Manic Panic Hair Color

When I was in junior high school if you wanted colored hair you used Manic Panic. I’m now many years older and you still use Manic Panic hair color. As most people know the colored hair trend has been going on pretty strong the last few years. Tumblr is probably a reason for that. It seems that nowadays my dashboard is flooded with all sorts of hair colors in the rainbow.

I’ve compiled a few images that take me back to the days where one of your friends was dyeing their hair in the bathroom after school. Some are from the 90s but others are an updated take on the resurgence.

photos via tumblr

Model Inspiration of the Week: Taylor Dean

Taylor Dean is my new model obsession. She embodies that heroin chic look of the Calvin Klein ads in the 90s. I first discovered her when I was surfing YouTube watching videos and found that she had a channel. Aside from having some hilarious videos, she is quite the up and coming model. She is currently signed to Muse in New York. Although she doesn’t have many photos, she is taking the runway world by storm, and will  probably have editorials in every major magazine real soon.

photos via tumblr

Now watch her hilarious parody on “shit girls say” called “shit models say”

“i wish i was karlie kloss”