90s Girl Crush: Rose McGowan


The other day I was watching “Scream” with Cody and he was mentioning his complete and utter obsession with Rose McGowan. In the back of my mind I wanted to do another exploration of her truly awesome 90s cult girl status, and this put the spark back into my brain. I did a post on her years ago here from one of my favorite cult classics, The Doom Generation. A must see on your indie film list if you haven’t seen it already.


From her classic roles as Courtney Shane in “Jawbreaker”, Tatum in “Scream”, and Amy Blue in “The Doom Generation” who doesn’t want to be Rose McGowan?

-28988063506413704659424145134391941646500920emzombietumblr_mh7b0zFA141qiafqgo1_400w/ Marilyn Manson in ’97..amazing.


trailer for The Doom Generation, a must see!

photos via tumblr

Fashion Grunge Editorial #20: “The Outsiders”


Wow, number 20. The fact that we have reached this point is absolutely amazing. First of all I want to thank the entire Fashion Grunge team for everything that has gotten us to this point. We have so much in store for you this year, just you wait! Also, all of you out there who appreciate the resurgence in 90s and grunge culture and allowing us to share our creativity.

This was our biggest shoot yet with 5 models and a whole crew which pushed us to a whole new level. It was so great to have an endless surrounding of people who shared our vision working to make this happen. For our 10th editorial “Kids in America”, we played with the idea of youth and the careless nature of being young, wild, and expressive. Since we were approaching the 20th we wanted to keep that spirit in mind but twisted into a more mature vibe. We even had Jessi Jae Joplin who runs our sister site, The Fabulous Stains model for us! I love when the internet world collides with the real one.  Spend an afternoon with the fashiongrunge team and remember how truly awesome it is to let loose with good friends now and again.

#20fg_2on Payden; UNIF No Hope Jacket

#20fg_4on Ben; Solve et Coagula sweatshirt by Vow Clothing, chambray shirt by American Apparel, Unicorn necklace by Han Cholo, model’s own jeans and shoes, on Jessi; American College “Brooklyn” sweater, Mickey necklace by Han Cholo, onsie by American Apparel, leather baseball hat by Oak, models own shoes

#20fg_3On Kim; Inferno button up by UNIF, models own jewelry #20fg_11on Payden; Miss You Sweater by UNIF, shirt by American Apparel , models own jeans

#20fg_10On Jessi; cropped top by Minimale Animale, On Payden; Dark Entries tee by Vow Clothing, Flip Bomber Jacket by UNIF, on Sideara; jacket by Faubourg du Temple, on Ben shirt by UNIF; onesie by American Apparel

#20fg_7on Payden; Dark Entries tee by Vow Clothing, satin pants by Elektrode, leather baseball hat by Oak, On Sideara; jacket by Faubourg du Temple, shorts by American Apparel

#20fg_8on Sideara; Bummer Crop Top by UNIF

#20fg_6on Payden; No Hope Jacket by UNIF, flannel by American Apparel, Children of the Night shirt by Vow Clothing, models own jeans, On Ben; Snapback and Cats too shirt by UNIF, flannel by Faubourg du Temple, pants and shoes models own, on Jessi; Reaper Destroyed Tank by Vow Clothing, leather skirt by Evaline M, On Sideara; Unif Bummer Crop Top, Unif Axl shorts, 

#20fg_9#20fg_13top photo: on Ben; sweatshirt by Vow Clothing, shirt by AA, models own jeans, necklace by Han Cholo, On Kim; Inferno Button up by Unif, black skirt by Beija, On Payden; Miss you Sweater by UNIF, shirt by AA, models own jeans, On Sideara; shirt by The Well, skirt by American Apparel, On Jessi; American College sweater, onesie by AA

#20fg_14top photo: on Kim; Yuck Fou Jacket by UNIF

bottom photo: on Kim, Crusader dress by UNIF, on Jessi; Minimale Animale top, blue denim by Faubourg du Temple, on Ben; RIP GG Ali shirt by UNIF, onesie by AA

#20fg_5#20fg_1#20fg_15on Sideara and Kim; Grey City Shoes , on Payden Children of the Night tee by Vow Clothing

#20fg_16on Payden; Pyramid ring by Han Cholo, on Kim; gold cross necklace by Puja Jewelry, other jewelry models own 

top photo (clockwise); Payden; Puja paisley ring, on Sideara; models own jewelry, on Ben; Puja silver band ring, paisley ring, Han Cholo pyramid and stud ring, on Jessi; Han Cholo destroy ring and models own, on Kim; Han Cholo Sweetheart ring and models own 

Models: Payden Hayes @ NEXT, Kimberly Nies, Jessi Jae Joplin, Sideara St. Claire, Benjamin Nelson

Photography: Lauren M Brown

Style: Cody J McCook

Production: Becca Ciacchi & Jacob Valentin

Makeup: Jacquelyn Aina

Hair: David Corbitt

Photo Assistant: Daria Kobayashi-Ritch

Fashion Assistants: Prince Puja, Rodney Bridges

Special thanks to the Kadish family for our awesome location in Venice, CA!

Thanks to Han Cholo, American Apparel, The Well, Grey City Shoes, Bollare, and Fashion Forwards!

Throwback Thursday: Music Video Style

In the not too distant past there was something called MTV. Yes, a tv station that played actual music videos for blocks at a time. “I hate to be a trader to my generation and all” but tv just isn’t what it used to be. For this weeks “throwback” I decided to share some of my favorite music videos that I literally wanted to live in. Style and all.

Beck- Loser 

* Who am I kidding? I would and still do dress like this today.


Smashing Pumpkins- 1979

* This is probably one of my favorite videos of all time. Everything about the energy in this song and the surroundings just excite me each time I watch it.


Bjork- Venus as a Boy

* If I could live in one of Bjork’s worlds for even a minute, I will have accomplished my life goal.


Silverchair- Tomorrow

* One of the best young bands in the 90s period. Silverchair just brought that teen angst from a young perspective that was just what music needed. The video is pretty weird but that’s how I like em.


Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit

* Classic if there ever was a definition of the word. From the layered shirts and Krist’s incredible red pants, this video brought me into a world that I am still living in today. Thank You Nirvana.


Re-Birth… a trailer to the #20 fashiongrunge editorial

video: Cody McCook 

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 6.46.07 PMWe’re starting the year off with a teaser trailer from our 20th editorial we shot this past weekend.! What a landmark. I never could have imagined that we when we started shooting editorials in Sept of 2010 that we’d be on #20 already. We completed one of our biggest shoots we’ve ever done to push ourselves to the limit. Since, that’s what the new year is all about.

See what you have in store for you…

Style Icons: Kate Moss & Pete Doherty

tumblr_luik9bu9Np1qkhnteo1_1280_largeWhat can I say about Pete Doherty and Kate Moss? They were the Kurt and Courtney of the 2000s in my world. Their choices were controversial but we loved to watch their relationship unfold. Now you can google all about their crazy stories, but I just love how they looked together.


in 2005 Kate Moss, model extraordinaire hooked up with ex-Libertines frontman Pete Doherty. Throughout their courtship he formed Babyshambles, an equally amazing band that I happen to love. Kate even sang on a few songs from the first album, Down in Albion and appeared at some live gigs. In life we all have our passionate artistic relationships that put everything into a different perspective. Where food tastes better, and suddenly the world opens up in a way you never thought could. Pete Doherty will always be one of my favorite artists and songwriters of this age and I love the effect these two had on each other. Now that they are apart it’s great to look back into those 2 years where their on and off again romance sparked so much fashion and inspiration. Both musically and visually.

201520-kate_moss_pete_daugherty_s_lost_sex_tapes_large225113989881_127_large36955272326kate_mossKate-Moss-and-Pete-Doherty-1106051-355x500kate-moss-look-bookkate-moss-pete-doherty-05kate-moss-pete-doherty-married_largekate-moss-pete-doherty-smoking-03kate-moss-pete-dohertyretrtumblr_l82kyebtqI1qc2ntqo1_500_largetumblr_ly639jVmBu1qftjkpo1_500n4fo6hwith Hedi Slimane


source: weheartit//tumblr

Menswear Monday: Candlebox


Music has been the biggest part of my life since I can remember. While sometimes the line of grunge and alternative music becomes blurred when trying to define a band I simply try not to worry too much about the genre and just concentrate on the music in general.

For this Menswear Monday I decided to share my love for the 90s Seattle based band, Candlebox. They were widely considered to be alternative rock but you can’t deny the grunge roots they carried throughout their music. Style was only one part of the aspect of this band that I liked as with all bands in the grunge era their music goes further than their style for me. It’s all about the music. So whether or not you’ve heard of Candlebox or you are just discovering them for the first time, lets take a trip back in time to appreciate them on this Monday.

*one of their best live performances…ever.


photos via google//tumblr