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    eyhay! your blog is fucking stellar.Never been a fan of blogs…until I found yours. Thank you,Your taste is impecable.

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    gonna copy/paste from ‘Moi…’ section ๐Ÿ˜€

    I love you! โ™ฅ literally.
    your blog, your style, your portfolio.
    youโ€™re a real insperation to me. FOR REAL! ;*
    and iโ€™m only 14. gonna be 15 in 3 months. ๐Ÿ™‚
    once again. I LOVE YOU! โ™ฅ

    P.s.: Can I just ask how do you create that effect in your portfolio โ€“ the colored pics, that look like theyโ€™ve been taken with an old camera. โ™ฅ please reply, cause i was wondering how to make that effect for a long long long time. (:

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    just wanted to tell you that your blog is such awsomness!
    we have the same style! and im so glad i found someone like you dressing the same way as me!
    keep up the posts!
    im from Canada!

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    Hey, I came across your blog as I was researching shoes of the 90s. I sell vintage and need to know what I sell wasn’t made in the 90s, but earlier. You have some fantastic pictures on your blog so I tweeted your blog link to my tweet followers, I’m hopin’ they love it too! Great job! Love fashion, love vintage

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    I stumbled upon your site and was truly inspired. I saw your pics of things you love and thought, “wow, someone like me…I’m not alone” I am a 37 year old mom of four kids and i live in vermont. no one dresses as oddly as i do (except my daughter) and this site gives me hope that I’m among many just like me. keep up the good (& interesting) work.

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    I would say up in till recently in my life, I personally didn’t know who was.. Until, well I discovered rock ‘n roll . Cliche I know but it’s true.
    It all started with musicians like Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Pixies, The Doors, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley, Nirvana, The Stones etc.
    I love the whole do it yourself kick-arse punk rock F you to society thing, and people who are just humbly real.
    Anyway I’ll get to the point, I’m greatly inspired by music & art, films & photography, books, people & FASHION ! So when I discovered this blog with 2 of my fav influences – grunge & fashion I could have died happy, ha. I truly adore this site and am blessed I came across such an original one of a kind blog in itself, to say the least.
    Thanks for starting & posting this page. I just wanted to say it’s greatly appreciated & all power to you woman !

    Kurt Cobain & Mary-kate Olsen.
    2 names . 2 people . 2 words
    inspiring . graceful
    p.s In nirvanas heart shaped box song, the little girl in the video looks like Mary-kate don’t you think ?

    All the best, Emma-lee

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    just wanted to say that i adore your blog,

    i love the fact that you post not only 100% fashion-related posts but also music and other stuff

    i love the fact that you always leave a note with your comment

    i love menswear mondays idea

    i love the fact that you have a really good taste in music

    i love your smile and positive attitude and that you’re not haughty and not play the expert way (although you know what fashion really is ๐Ÿ™‚ like the majority of the fashion bloggers

    and i love the fact that you’re so inspired by grunge and 90s like me

    keep blogging and merry christmas!!!

    ania from warsaw (poland)

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    Just a drop in to say your blog is fashion inspiring! loving it. tell me know if it bothers you.. but il be re-blogging alot from you with ref. of cause. cheers.

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    hey i love your blog

    you got an eye for fashion
    i have a question though, im studying grunge n stubbled across ur blog but im curious as to know the elements of grunge n the meaning n story as why the fashion is the why it is
    like i know long johns were worn cause it kept them worn n the style was basically trying to not make a statement but
    im not quite sure of other things such as ripped demin and layering clothes and baggy clothes,

    if u could shed some light for me that be great =] or lead me to to somethin?


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      why are you asking a millennial about grunge? this person may ‘adore’ it but the 90s fashion, music, and style scene were all about Generation X. If you want to know about the ‘reasons’ we wore the things we wore, they are very complex and believe me, no one truly understands the social, economic, generational, emotional reasons behind any of what we did musically, fashion-wise, or film/art/writing-wise, but us. So ask someone above the age of 35 if you want to know about the true 90s.

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      • 22

        There is no reply button under Lauren’s comment. Lauren, sorry for going off like that, but I feel, to use current syntax, like Generation X (1961-1981) is being “erased” and all the things we went though, felt, created, reacted to, and started are being credited to people younger than us. And yes, even though you are 32, that means you. I don’t blame you, since I’m sure it was an influence on your life as you are older than say, the 22 year olds who are blaring constantly from blogs that they are so 90s, they “miss it” and that they “remember” that decade even though they were in diapers. You were 11 when Kurt Cobain died. So was my boyfriend. But Kurt would be well into his 40s now, and people in their 40s are being “erased” from the grunge origin story. It’s completely unfair and uncool to act like it was all about children your age, when it wasn’t. Sure, you may remember some things, but to not even MENTION us. That is quite hurtful, as it was indeed all about us. It was not fashion. It was our reaction to how we felt as a completely forgotten about, marginalized, middle-child, angry, fed up, given up on generation of teens/twentysomethings in the early 90s. Grunge only lasted about 4 years, if that. Kurt was active before that, but it didn’t catch on until we first heard it on the radio. We had already been heading that direction since the late 80s, I’d say even the mid-80s…you see, advertisers and marketers couldn’t figure out what to do with us. We were quite cynical and suspicious of all the commercials and they couldn’t sell us anything. They couldn’t figure us out, and they labelled us first as the “MTV generation” because they said we had short attention spans and couldn’t think because of our exposure to music videos and video games (haha, always with the video games.) So they basically took their ball and went home. They forgot about us, and focused completely (as usual) on the Baby Boomers. We had no real clothes or music of our own. So we started going to thrift stores. You can see this starting to happen if you watch a film like “Pretty in Pink.” Molly Ringwald’s character is sort of how we dressed, very eclectic, making our own style out of secondhand clothes because we didn’t see anything we liked in the shops. That’s where the granny dresses/glasses/vests/docs thing came from. From there, we just got ignored more and more, and got angrier and angrier. We’d grown up with, and older people of our gen helped to create, punk music in the late 70s. That is a big source of where grunge got its anger, bite, poetic sadness, humor. We had to have a sense of humor because we knew we’d be the first generation to go to university and not have anything left for us jobwise. Boomers were HUGE then, and we had no chance and we knew it. That’s why it sucks when you guys say “step aside, Boomers, and let us have your jobs,” because X has been waiting for those for 20 years and it is upsetting that you don’t want to wait your turn (not all of you, but some) when we’ve been stuck in gear waiting patiently for that long for those jobs. Anyway, there was a recession in I believe 89, and another (or a continuation) in 91/92. Some of us were entering college, some had graduated, others were heading there, and it didn’t look good. Both my parents got laid off and I had to pay bills that year on a bank teller’s salary and attend a junior college to help out. It sucked. More anger. We weren’t being set up for the good life like boomers, we were going to bail them out. And sexism/feminism was different. Grunge girls were actually riot grrls. More of that anger, frustration, and marginalization we felt was screamed out through those bands. The reason we wore those little baby tees, those silly graphic tees, baby doll dresses, barrettes, pigtails, knee socks, mary janes, etc. is to reflect the exact clothing we wore as children in the 60s/70s. We were infantilized and treated like ‘good little girls’ so we became ourselves as children as a fuck you to everyone. I have my children’s clothes from the 70s, and it’s funny…one of my shirts has an iron-on of a cat that is the exact shirt that Tyra Banks wears in one of the pictures I think I saw on your blog. She’s in pigtails and has a 70s cat shirt on and even though she’s a model and wasn’t a riot grrl by any stretch, it still epitomizes how we felt, as women, treated like little girls, and angry about it. I know I keep saying “angry” but there was a lot of feeling that we were sick of being ignored, taken advantage of, and relegated to “next!” in the generational line. So we made our own thing. I am really, REALLY proud of what we did with very, very little when we were in our teens/20s in the early 90s. We made funny, creative, rebellious, angry, frustrated, silly, intelligent, ridiculous music and fashion and art (check out the yBA of the UK, they were the big artists of our generation and had the same attitude. I did my MA thesis on them.) So that is why, Lauren, it upset me that not one mention of Generation X was ever dropped in all the pictures of us and all the commentary. We didn’t have much, but we had our creativity and taking that away, erasing that, and supplanting younger kids as the ones to give credit to, that is not cool with a lot of us older “kids” who were the first to start the rave scene, first to do all those 90s things that most millennial children can’t actually remember. So even though I can see clearly that all these things influenced you and meant a lot to you as a child, I hope that you can see it very clearly means orders of magnitude more to us older Gen X kids, because we had nothing and made something and that’s something we’re all proud of and just want to be acknowledged a little for that, since no one ever did then and no one seems to do so now. //end rant ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for letting me talk. x

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        This is great. I love reading other insights into the decade. Unfortunately I was born just under the wire of fully being able to understand Generation X as it were. I wish that I was in my 20s but alas I was just a pre-teen. The reason I started this blog was just to express what I was going through and what I related to in those days. Now, it’s become more of a haven for new creatives inspired by the 90s ethos. I really connected with Nirvana and grunge music just when I started to begin adolescence. It seems that the millennial generation is taking a new interest in this age because of so many similarities in political and social issues that are still prevalent.

        If you would like to write an article or personal account for the site, it would be great. It’s always good for the new generation to understand even more deeply the start and origin of the era they look up to.

        ๐Ÿ™‚ Lauren – feel free to email me anytime!

      • 24

        See, I totally do understand that. I know that when I was a preteen, I listened to Thriller and freaked out completely and it meant everything to me. It’s just jarring and weird that the younger gen doesn’t seem to care anything about who we were and are, even while drooling over Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke and Jared Leto. Craziness. Also, the insidious Boomers are now calling themselves “over 40” and it’s laughable because they’re actually 55+ and don’t want to admit it haha. They hated us then as much as they hate you all now, and now they are pretending to be one of us? They never could admit their age. “40 is the new 30!” they’d say, even though they used to say “don’t trust anyone over 30.” It’s hilarious. So yeah, we’re not only erased from millennial’s minds, but boomers are now pretending to be in our bracket (I actually saw one say in a 90s worship thread that grunge probably really started with them…dear God I was so pissed off) so where are we left? Angry! Erased! Forgotten! ๐Ÿ™‚ familiar territory. My friend just called me the Gollum of Generation X, always protecting my precious. I thought that was funny. I think you’ve got my email address through this post so you can contact me as well. Writing a post is an interesting idea, but I think I just barfed a lot of what I wanted to say out in these comments. I keep thinking I should start my own blog about it but younger kids seem to only be interested in the superficial “look” and don’t relate to the deep roots as much. Thanks for the response. Love, Gollum

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    Your blog is truly an inspiration!!! Wow! I’m also very stuck in the 90’s! I’m only 17! I wish we could go back there! I love it when you do a new post! I’m inspired for the day! You should do a Menswear Monday on Joe Anderson! He is like Kurt Cobains doppelganger! He’s in Across The Universe and you could swear it’s Kurt! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep it up, you’re keeping the 90’s alive woooo!!xx

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    Awesome blog, just wanted to say I’ve never found anyone who loves the Olsens just as much as i do… my love can actually be a little obsessive sometimes but that’s ok…. I have a wall collage up in my room with 150 photographs of the things and people I love;about 30are of THEM.haha, again,great blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I just have to say you’re blog is literally AMAZING! I love everything about it and was apart of my big ” style revolution”. I’m an aspiring stylist and I created a blog partially for school,but mostly because I wanted to. You’ve really inspired me and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to have a sucessful blog?

    • 30

      oh man! thank you so much! The only tip that I have for having a successful blog is don’t lose sight of the reason you created your blog in the first place. always stay true to your readers and yourself! And have fun! Thanks for reading


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    Hi Lauren! I was just e-mailing to say I absolutely love your blog, talk about inspiration! I was wondering if you could post something about Rihanna’s new video for We Found Love? There is a strong emphasis on grunge fashion that both Rihanna and the male lead wear and it’s brilliant. Just food for thought ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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    I would say up in till recently in my life, I personally didn’t know who was.. Until, well I discovered rock ‘n roll . Cliche I know but it’s true.
    It all started with musicians like Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Pixies, The Doors, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley, Nirvana, The Stones etc.
    I love the whole do it yourself kick-arse punk rock F you to society thing, and people who are just humbly real.
    Anyway I’ll get to the point, I’m greatly inspired by music & art, films & photography, books, people & FASHION ! So when I discovered this blog with 2 of my fav influences – grunge & fashion I could have died happy, ha. I truly adore this site and am blessed I came across such an original one of a kind blog in itself, to say the least.
    Thanks for starting & posting this page. I just wanted to say it’s greatly appreciated & all power to you woman !


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    Hi from Greece! I love your blog! I was wondering if you are familiar with the “Skins” series from UK, one of the main characters (Effy Stonem) had a really grungy style and attitude. I would like to see a post about her ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. 38

    Hi, i’m from Brazil… i really love your blog.. is really inspiring ;D
    i’m super fan of skins and i love the movies of jack o’connell… and i think his style is totally amazing, so if you could make a post about him i really appreciate. Thanks (:
    ps: sorry, my english is a little bad…

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    I apologize but this blog frustrates me…..
    Grunge isn’t about clothing
    Grunge isn’t about spending loads of money on the ‘right’ clothes
    Grunge isn’t about the hair
    Its about not giving a fuck
    Its about been a punk but cant be arsed with been over the top
    Its about the lyrics
    Its minimum effort its the music not the clothes
    Its about picking up a guitar strumming a few distorted power chords and writing some heart felt lyrics
    Its being real all the people in your photos were fakes
    Its being who you are.

    • 42

      I understand your point. It seems that I come across this debate quite often. Most of the time I use this blog as an inspiration or a way to express what I respond to in the fashion industry. I’m 28 years old and when I was growing up the grunge and alternative rock scene was a big part of my lifestyle. I’m not claiming that anything here is “authentic” grunge style. Whatever that definition may be. Every thing and every genre is open to interpretation. While I find your points valid, I’m just trying to show some people that the grunge influence is back and it emerges in the strangest of place but it is still there. It wasn’t about what you wear, or how you did you hair back then. However, society changes as it often does and now that has become a huge part of our culture. This is expected in 20 years or so of evolution of cultures. Let’s face it, if the grunge style had stayed the same for the past 20 years then this blog wouldn’t exist and nor would this debate. Thanks a lot for your opinion. I never meant to lead people astray with what grunge is, this is just what I observe and what I like in the reemergence of grunge over the last few years.

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    I am a French free lance journalist, i
    I came to sydney last february
    I am now writing a paper for Grazia France (weekly) about hipsters and lifestyle un Sydney.
    I’d to talk about “glunge” style (glamourous grunge) but I did not manage to take good pictures of street look when I came
    Do you have some HD pictures that I could use? Of course I’d mention copyright/credits.
    Let me know!

  38. 53

    Was absolutely hooked by your 90s style post including references to Doug, Daria, the Chipettes, and more. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.


  39. 55

    I would like to know the model in one of your photos. It’s the photo of the women with the undercut ponytail haircut, tattoo, and tiny clothes pin ear ring.

  40. 57

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  41. 59

    Hi Fashion Grunge Team,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Fashion Grunge has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 15 Grunge Fashion Blogs on the web.

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    Hi, my name is Catherine and I am currently studying a level photography in sixth form. I am a huge fan of Francesca Costa’s work and so I have decided to use her as an inspiration for my own photography. I was wondering if she might have any advice for me to obtain some additional skills or knowledge of how to achieve images as profound as hers?.

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