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We accept many forms of contributions on Fashion Grunge.


We accept many types of photography submissions. A series of portraits, street style, fashion editorials, documentary, etc… With your submission please include any social media links, credits, your location, and any other relevant information.

  • Exclusive; must not be published anywhere else online or social media
  • Please send at least 8-14 images.
  • Attach a lo-res PDF or a Dropbox link (no wetransfer)
  • Photo size: at least 1200px wide

Here is a Pinterest board with the aesthetic we look for:

Artist Submissions:

please submit your portfolio, artist bio, and any of your personal links to

Designers & Brands:

We love to see lookbooks and runway presentations of current designers. Please submit your lookbooks, photos, and fashion videos along with a description of the collection and the brand.

send to


Please send a sample of your music along with any websites (Soundcloud, Spotify, etc..) to include in a feature, the FG mixtape to:

Fashion & Beauty:

We occasionally review beauty samples and fashion lines on the site as well.

To request the mailing address for samples, email


Due to the volume of submissions please allow at least two weeks for a response if we are interested in moving forward.


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    I am a contributor for FAULT Magazine. We are looking to publish some of our fashion editorials & films and I am doing some research on popular editorial websites and blogs. Would you be able to tell me
    your approximate visitor numbers for your website per month please?

    Many thanks &
    Kindest regards,


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    Hi! My name is Francesca Costa. I sent you an email with some of my work… hope you received it !


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    Hi, i have just send you an email with some of my work. Now I am preparing something really special for FASHION GRUNGE. Thanks!!

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  19. 31
  20. 32
  21. 34

    Hello! My name is Mariana Cuervo. I’ve just sent you an email with my material, hope you get it!
    Waiting for your response.

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