Throwback Thursday : Heathers


Although I didn’t have a high school experience quite like the 80s cult flick Heathers, it had it’s┬ásimilarities. There were multiple girls named Lauren in my elementary classes up until the 6th grade. Which prompted our class to either call us by our last names or some nickname. I chose to be my middle name, Melanie. Pretty rad, huh?

Heathers is a dark comedy with one of the best casts ever. Winona Ryder, Shannen Doherty, and Christian Slater cause havoc at Westerburg High. Aside from the brilliant story the fashion is ridic in the best way. Hopefully you all watch “Heathers” again today or see it for the first time.















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Late Edition Menswear Monday: Slash of Guns N Roses

I can’t believe that it has taken this long for me to do a post about Slash from Guns N Roses. One of my best friends, Charlie from back home is obsessed with them. In turn throughout our childhood I also became quite enthralled with Axl Rose and the gang…

Slash has reached a look that suits him well. I mean who else can look that bad ass with a top hat, leather jacket and those glasses. And don’t even get me started on the amazing hair (much like my own).

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Let’s Go to the Fashion Party…Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2008

Marc Jacobs and I have always had a strange relationship. He was one of the first fashion designers that I really fell in love with. Maybe it was his always present grunge aesthetic that I always sensed. This collection he did for his diffusion line in Fall 2008 just blew me away. It was received luke warm by a lot of fashion journalists but I loved it.

He mixed a punk with the 80s in such a grown up way. The looks remind me of what I would wear to an 80s party. Try to mix it up a little! Go Punk! Go Marc!

I love the boots with the buckles and the zips. He really hit the nail on the head with the accessories this season.




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Save Ferris!

While I realize that this post is not in any way related to grunge I had to share a pivotal moment in 80s fashion. That would be in most of John Hughes’ movies. I know he died about 2 weeks ago and every other fashion blog has already payed homage to his amazing fashion sense but, just in case you haven’t experienced it yet these are my favorites. Enjoy.

Ferris Bueller



nike even created an SB version of the Dunk after one of Ferris Bueller’s most famous outfits.


The Breakfast Club


Pretty in Pink



Sixteen Candles



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