Throwback Thursday: Dazed and Confused


I think my favorite movie just may be “Dazed and Confused”, no joke. I remember watching it on VHS in my room all throughout high school and memorizing every single word. I often think I was born in the wrong decade. Almost everyday I wish I was born just 10 years earlier then I really could have revelled in the 80s and 90s like I wish. I am however very happy with growing up in the age just before technology really took over.

This movie has the most ridiculously amazing cast from the ’90s. Even though the film is about the last day of high school in ’76, it was released and filmed in ’93 so it makes it into the throwback category for me. Join the stoners and the hippies in one wild ride of a night they will never forget. Wooderson, played by Matthew McConaughey was probably the definition of the older sleazy guy who hangs around the high school kids but man, those tight jeans and that hair…swoon. I think I had a crush on every guy in this movie for their utter cool factor. I also wanted to be Jodi, Mitch’s sister. And every other girl for that matter. Please whatever you do if you haven’t seen this movie, play hooky from school and call out sick from work cause it’s seriously one of the best movies ever made.

You’re welcome.

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