We Are the Super Cool

4333687499Just a few days ago I was in a song warp on YouTube looking up rock one hit wonders from the late 90s. One that I remembered and immediately downloaded was “We Are the Super Cool” by The Space Monkeys. It’s not your typical one hit wonder but I think it was featured on a few tv shows and such.

I thought it was a perfect title for this Sunday’s inspiration post. Pulling these images with the keyword: cool. If you looked up cool kids in my visual dictionary, this is what you would find.


-1020713_Tommy_Ton_F2013RTW4277310862842773341396Acervo Vintagecoolio-2Image2thesemightysecrets-julia-hettaTotulovetumblr_mb1q6nwaSd1rwez1ho1_500tumblr_mhb9ftaNkL1s29oqvo1_500tumblr_mhctdsWIYT1rx31deo2_1280tumblr_mhuyq9n50k1r1ig1oo1_500tumblr_mhvmfpM7zX1qbt8uco1_500tumblr_mhwdr7l6zT1r1kq3ho1_500void[0]photos via tumblr

The Absence of Light…

It’s time for another color themed inspiration post. This time I have decided to get my brain mentally prepared for fall. Instead of an ode to the pastel pinks and sherbet oranges that we have come to love over this summer it’s time to step over to the dark side and concentrate on the darkness or absence of light which is immediately what we think of when it comes to the fall and winter progression. Enjoy this tribute to not just a color or a feeling but a way of life…


photos via tumblr/pinterest

Jump in the Fray with Charlie May…

This is one post that I’m very excited to share with you all. I’m sitting in my living room watching “Live Tonight! Sold Out!” a great Nirvana documentary that always brings so many memories back. I can remember showing up with the VHS tape in hand at my friends house all excited to sit extra close to the screen. SO much that I’m apart of the show. You will soon feel the same when you read my upcoming post. This leads me to my post on British fashion designer, Charlie May.

her video for the AW12 line is mindblowing…

She’s not only a great new indie designer, but I feel a bit guilty because she’s a secret I’ve been keeping for too long. She has a blog called Girl a la Mode and it’s been on my list of  top 5 blogs to read when I get home for years now.  Part Rick Owen, part Jil Sander, part Alexander Wang with a splash of Acne sums up her designs to a tee. Showing her second collection just a few weeks ago in London she is already been well received by the press and I can only hope that I make my way to London soon to check these pieces out in person. Until now I never knew how the absence of color can speak volumes.

images above are her SS12 collection via charlie-may.co.uk

Menswear Monday: Ann Demeulemeester S/S 12

When it comes to menswear I’m learning a lot. The beginning of each week I always think about what I posted the past Monday. Sometimes during the weekend I think about what I’m going to talk about. This time its completely random.

Belgian designer, Ann Demeulemeester just knocks it out the park with every season. This season for the men she stays true to her jagged grunge style with an avant garde twist that I love so much. This season there were floppy leather hats, cut off suited pants, and fringed cardigans with undone boots that scream Ann!

And I’ll be screaming Ann for quite a while with this one.

credit: style.com



I’ve Got the Denim Blues…

So, I just picked up the May 2009 US Elle issue today at the store and I was most blown away by this editorial. Barneys New York asked several designers to create one of a kind denim pieces for this editorial. It is always great to see a new spin on the timeless trend that will always be true blue.

“True Blue: The Remix”
Model: Austria Alcantara
PH: David Armstrong
Style: Joanne Blades





*thanks to fer19dog at tfs for the scans