Inspiration: Slick

The sleek nature of fashion has been on my mind lately. The very essence of what makes the fashion scene more than just a lifestyle. Oil slicks, dramatic shapes and grunge inspiration are what this moodboard is all about. images via pinterest | tumblr

Colors Burning in the Sky…

Sunday mornings are the best for inspiration and thinking about what to do next. This week we are planning more shoots, debuting a new video tomorrow, and another photo editorial later in the week. This calls for some blasts of color to hit the web. photos via tumblr

Out of Focus…

It’s always a good time to see things from a blurry perspective. That way there is something you may not have seen before. Quite a random statement to start off this inspiration post on a Sunday but that’s sometimes how it is. Isn’t it? images via tumblr, natalieoffduty, vixxxenblog, pinterest, google  

Menswear Monday: Trent Lane aka. Mystic Spiral God.

You may be thinking one of two things: Why is she writing about a cartoon character?, and Why is she writing about Trent Lane again? Yes the answer to that second question is, yes, I have written about him before see post: Yes. Trent Lane. Daria’s best friends brother. Everyone had one. My friend … Continue reading Menswear Monday: Trent Lane aka. Mystic Spiral God.