Throwback Thursday: 90s Girl Crushes

When I was a teenager I embarrassingly had a crazy amount of pictures from BOP Magazine on my wall. These included the likes of Andrew Keegan and various other celebs who have virtually dissapeared from view now. During those times there were so many girls who I thought were the bees knees. So since I’ve done a post on the 90s hearthrobs, here are the girls who I would have  gladly switched places in when I was young.

39244524416Winona Ryder

claire-forlaniFiona Apple

nikki-coxDrew Barrymore

halle-berryAlicia Silverstone

lil-kimLiz Phair

jada-pinkett-smithLiv Tyler

urlAlanis Morissette 

url-1Gwen Stefani

36610945525Shirley Manson

tumblr_mgfc0iyeu51s1g9t2o1_500and of course Courtney Love

images via google//pinterest

there are so many more but we’ll save that for a future post!

Throwback Thursday: Manic Panic Hair Color

When I was in junior high school if you wanted colored hair you used Manic Panic. I’m now many years older and you still use Manic Panic hair color. As most people know the colored hair trend has been going on pretty strong the last few years. Tumblr is probably a reason for that. It seems that nowadays my dashboard is flooded with all sorts of hair colors in the rainbow.

I’ve compiled a few images that take me back to the days where one of your friends was dyeing their hair in the bathroom after school. Some are from the 90s but others are an updated take on the resurgence.

photos via tumblr

Menswear Monday: Gavin Rossdale

I know that the first time you hear “machinehead” you wanted to know what that lead singer looked like. I know I did. Little did we all know that it was Gavin Rossdale of Bush. Hailing from London they dominated the alternative rock scene in the mid to late 90s. My favorite album of theirs was “Sixteen Stone” and for some years I actually wanted to name my first born “Glycerine”. Now he’s married and has the most amazing alternative rock offspring with none other than Gwen Stefani. Could this match be any more perfect in everyones rock  fantasies? I dont think so.

and Gavin and Shirley…can’t even deal with this photograph.


photos via google

This Seemed Appropriate…

Since I am headed to California in a matter of hours I thought it best to pay tribute to one of my fav Cali girls out there, Gwen Stefani. When she first entered my world it was around 1995, I was still in mourning from grunge being over but there she was in the “Just a Girl” video. Looking awesome in bondage pants and cut off tankI saved up my allowance money to buy myself a pair of pink and black plaid ones…She was one of the boys but she was “Just a Girl”.





Later on as No Doubt moved forward she turned into a glamazon. She is the ultimate punk chameleon. I love how she transformed into a mom but still a badass fashion icon.




Who else can’t wait for the No Doubt reunion? I for one want to see what she is going to wear…

No more posts till I get back from L.A. Its time for some R&R…