Wishing on a Star : My Current Wishlist

It’s been so long since I’ve done a proper shopping post.  I’m always getting questions on where to buy clothing and suggestions on what I’m loving at the moment. This is right in time for the holidays so whether or not you still have some last minute buying or you want to simply know what my current wishlist is then voila!

swatch_watchesIt’s no secret that I’m pretty obsessed with Swatch watches. So, when I saw the new Fall collection, these were my favorites. The Circle in a Circle (left) for obvious reasons, it reminds me of days in the 90s when I would watch after school programs in my neon biker shorts and color with day-glo pens. The McPattern (right) just displays all the perfect plaids all in one. What better way to remember the 90s?

vanssk8hiAs someone who has recently become obsessed with the Vans Sk8 Hi shoes I had to include them. They go with just about anything and are a great change from the all stars and Authentics that I normally wear.

rollins_shirtFirst of all one of my secret obsessions is long sleeved graphic tees. Something that is pretty rare nowadays. When I first saw this shirt from NY label, Obesity & Speed modeled after Henry Rollins’ tattoos I thought, “brilliant”. Available at Deer Dana.

drAs if they couldn’t make Docs any more cool? Oh wait they just did. I’m seriously obsessed with these. Like to the point of madness. Available at Dr. Martens.

hungry_eyewearJust because we are in the dead of winter doesn’t mean we can’t still obsess about sunglasses. I discovered this Australian eyewear brand, Hungry just a few months ago and I’m completely amazed at their range. Each frame is so classic and perfectly unisex. I’ve been wearing this pair, The Bold Jacks for months on end with no plans to stop anytime soon.


Cast of Vices has been one of my favorite brands for a while now. Their designs are always so imaginative and just edgy enough to push the boundaries of originality. The ‘coming or going‘ bracelet is a play on the hospital bands that we often overlook but they really are simple with great design features. Gimme.

gwenThe bondage pants of the 70s UK punk scene made a bit of a comeback in the 90s thanks to Gwen Stefani. I had a pair of Lip Service ones that were pink, white, and black. I’m also kicking myself that I have no idea where they are now.  Oh, well at least there’s eBay.


When my buddy Sedge over at ASOS announced that she had written a book on the ins and outs of Twitter I was super excited. Being a fellow social media junkie and her being a fellow grunge sister I had to check it out. It’s full of some of the best accounts to follow and gives you pointers for navigating the world of Twitter. Available at ASOS.

jessePhotographer Jesse Frohman was the last photographer to shoot Kurt Cobain in a formal photoshoot. We’ve all seen the iconic photos from the last set but he finally released a book this Fall detailing his experiences and sharing unreleased photos and contact sheets. This is probably on the top of my list overall. Available at Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed the selections! What are on some of your must have lists?


Throwback Thursday : The Post-Grunge World


I was watching a documentary on Vh1 Classic about the classification of the Metal genres evolution. The episode was all about whether or not grunge has a place in the metal history tree. Click the link above and watch it. It’s a great find.

Fashion started to change in the mid to late 90s. Some say that the death of Kurt Cobain was literally the end of the grunge movement. The truth is the scene had run its course (at least, that’s how it’s told from the key figures). It was time for a change and something to bring us out of the sadness that we felt when the scene lost it’s unconscious spokesman. So, we started to see brighter colors, more vivid graphic tees, and an all around sense of a technicolor candy coated glossy world. Almost a complete 180 turn. I for one was in high school in the late 90s so I remember these times well, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV and clutching my Delia*s catalog.




The Doom Generation 1995_01







Blonde Ambition


Just yesterday I was really missing my blonde hair. Yes, that’s right for the better part of 7 months last year I went blonde. That is until I dyed my hair purple (which still remains). It really is such a process to go from dark hair to other side of the spectrum. I still haven’t found a conditioner that has made my hair fully recover. In an attempt to live vicariously through some of my favorite style icons, here are some blonde tresses I can only hope to have in my dreams.






Daul Kim - Blond Hair 3





photos via pinterest//google



Fashion Grunge Friday Mixtape # 23: Be That Memory

I’m back with a new grip of tunes that has been the basis of my existence lately. Enjoy!

Razorlight– Which Way Is Out
Rocket From The Crypt– This Bad Check Is Gonna Stick
Teddybears– PunkRocker ft. Iggy Pop
Meneguar- What Would You Wage
Youth Lagoon- Mute
Built To Spill– Randy Described Eternity
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds– If I Had A Gun…
The Toadies– Away
The Dandy Warhols– Bohemian Like You
Babes in Toyland– Right Now
Everclear– Pale Green Stars
Jane’s Addiction– Been Caught Stealing
Taking Back Sunday– You Know How I Do
Pet Shop Boys– West End Girls
Nine Black Alps– Cosmopolitan
No Doubt– New
cover photo via the-electric

Throwback Thursday: 90s Girl Crushes

When I was a teenager I embarrassingly had a crazy amount of pictures from BOP Magazine on my wall. These included the likes of Andrew Keegan and various other celebs who have virtually dissapeared from view now. During those times there were so many girls who I thought were the bees knees. So since I’ve done a post on the 90s hearthrobs, here are the girls who I would have  gladly switched places in when I was young.

39244524416Winona Ryder

claire-forlaniFiona Apple

nikki-coxDrew Barrymore

halle-berryAlicia Silverstone

lil-kimLiz Phair

jada-pinkett-smithLiv Tyler

urlAlanis Morissette 

url-1Gwen Stefani

36610945525Shirley Manson

tumblr_mgfc0iyeu51s1g9t2o1_500and of course Courtney Love

images via google//pinterest

there are so many more but we’ll save that for a future post!


Editorial Inspiration: Sunday Morning by Igor Termenon

It’s the end of the week and for this Friday I’ve skipped the mixtape (don’t worry it’ll be back next week) and I’m bringing you a new editorial for the weekend. Shot by photographer Igor Termenon, “Sunday Morning” takes inspiration from Gwen Stefani in the 90s with a new twist.


Jeans by Motel, Crop top by ASOS, stylist’s own beanie

Jeans by Diesel, Bralette by Revive, Stylist’s own hoodie, vintage belt, vintage chain

Pants by Topshop, crop top by ASOS, vintage chain

Photography: Igor Termenon

Model: Eilidh Maxwell @ Model Team

Styling: Domonique Wilson

MUA: Jacqui Connor

Photo Assistant: Caitlin Beryl Warther

Throwback Thursday: Manic Panic Hair Color

When I was in junior high school if you wanted colored hair you used Manic Panic. I’m now many years older and you still use Manic Panic hair color. As most people know the colored hair trend has been going on pretty strong the last few years. Tumblr is probably a reason for that. It seems that nowadays my dashboard is flooded with all sorts of hair colors in the rainbow.

I’ve compiled a few images that take me back to the days where one of your friends was dyeing their hair in the bathroom after school. Some are from the 90s but others are an updated take on the resurgence.

photos via tumblr