Fallen Icon : Kristen Pfaff


In going through the icons of 90s past I was surprised that I hadn’t mentioned Hole bassist, Kristen Pfaff. While she was only in the band for a short time, she played and sung backup on their most critically acclaimed album, Live Through This.  She was a friend of Kurt Cobain and much of the grunge scene.

When she attended college in Minnesota she learned the bass and formed the band Janitor Joe with some friends. The band begun to take off in the early 90s and while on tour in California she caught the attention of Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson of Hole. After much persistence, she became the new bass player for Hole in ’93. She moved to Seattle to work with the band on the most iconic album of their career, Live Through This. During this time in Pacific Northwest it was such a creatively energetic time, enter friendships with Cobain and Erlandson.


The negative side to living in Seattle during this time was the noted heroin problem the city was facing. on June 16th 1994 ( just months after Kurt’s death) she was found in her apartment by a friend. She died of a heroin overdose. There are so many notable figures who we have lost during this musically rich time, but we can never forget them. Kristen Pfaff still holds a place in rock history, and is one of my favorite fallen stars from the grunge era.










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Fashion Grunge Mixtape #42: Noise Addict

It’s been a while. Here are some tunes to get your weekend started.


Fashion Grunge Friday Mixtape #28: Late in the Day

I like to zone out at night. The tempo of my music changes, and I begin to shut down for the day. This is a selection of tunes that I like to read to, sleep to, and all together chill out to.


Cowboy Junkies- Sweet Jane
The Cure- Six Different Ways
Nirvana- Polly
Roxy Music- More Than This
Supergrass- Pumpin On Your Stereo
Blind Melon- Sleepyhouse
College- A Real Hero ft. Electric Youth
Ryan Adams- The Shadowlands
Radiohead- Talk Show Host
Gold Fields- Ice
Hole- Dying
Death Cab for Cutie- Transatlanticism 
Go! Team- Patricia's Moving Pictures
Brand New- Play Crack the Sky

Beauty File: Courtney Love by Dana Ionato



By Dana Ionato, beauty contributor

Nothing looks worse than a greasy crayon, especially when your a walking study like Courtney Love. Her look of bleached out hair, bright red lips, and dark eyeliner has been in and out of trend for a decade. Its unique, and sexy. Mysteriously makes people wonder if your a celebrity, when you really want to look cool, dress like Courtney.


This Hole celebrity has been muse to many fashion designer’s throughout the years landing the most major campaign with Heidi Slimane’s new Saint Laurent ads titled, “The Saint Laurent Music Project.” 90’s inspired fall collection is major. She is not wearing her baby doll dresses, she seems over the Grunge Glamour, not Heroin chic, but just chic.


She loves vintage clothing, dated back to 1929, cutting up clothes and making something else. Influenced by Rodarte, Prada suits, and classic Saint Laurent.




She loves a really theatrical red look, oxblood, maroon, and deep brown reds.

Create a customized cheek look—from matte to highlighted—by blending on the range of shades in this limited-edition palette, which includes NARS’ iconic Orgasm in addition to pink, peach and gold tones.

NARS Foreplay Palette, also try the NARS red lip liner in Velvet Rope. My favorite red lipstick right now is Mac Russian Red. Its amazing with the NARS lip liner. Exfoliate your lips first with Fresh Brown sugar lip scrub. That way you will have a velvety creamy lip.  Have concealer handy to fix and smudges after you apply it on after and make sure to have your face flawless.

Blush not bronzer. Get rid of bronzer, along with the flat iron, it wasn’t out yet. Think Courtney Love, not tan mom.


Dragon eye, fast trick, get an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge. Eyeliners are tricky. I don’t like to mess with the liquid liner, its to risky. If I make a mistake in the morning, I don’t have time to wash my whole face and start over. I suggest MAC kohl eyeliner. Unline some black eyeliner, the color stays noir, not turning to charcoal like the others. Finish with Benefit Rebel mascara.How to apply your eyeliner.

Start off by softly dotting and smearing the eyeliner on the top lash lines from the tear ducts all the way to the outer corners of the eyes. He then goes back over his work to thicken the line. I personally only do my bottom lash, top lash is dated, but here are a few helpful tips on application;

 Top Lash:

The trick is to get as close to the lash line as possible. Not only will this make the lashes look more lush, but it will also accentuate what you already have, thicker in the middle, and thickest of all at the ends. You want to sweep your eyeliner on gracefully. Blend, blend, blend, and smudge.

Bottom Lash:

And as for those bottom lash lines: It should never be as dark or as thick as the top, Brett advises. For the bottom, lightly dab on a small amount for just a touch of definition. Stay on the lines, don’t create new lines. You don’t want to look like something that rhymes with Manny. Come on now!

Oxblood red for fashion may be last season, but it never goes out for eyeliner. Try Mac eyeliner Teddy. Its a red-brown, making hazel, and brown eyes pop.


Ratchet doesn’t hold a candle to this 90’s punk rock princess. Courtney slowly turned out grunge glamour, and is now the face for the most major campaigns. You know you want to have that face.

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Fashion Grunge Friday Mixtape #27: Salutatorian (Second Best)

This week’s mix comes from Jacob: 
 – “Schools ending, you graduated, you dropped out. You have a degree your living your dreams? This playlist is hopefully a walk through for everyones thoughts on this subject. Some things begin and others end.” 
Radical Face-Doorways
Elefant- Bokkie
Cass McCombs- Sacred Heart
Broken Bells- Mongrel Heart
Smith Westerns- Only One
Tame Impala- Solitude is Bliss
Hole- Violet
Placebo- Every You Every Me
Nirvana- About A Girl
Coco Rosie- Lemonade
Chromatics- Cherry
Arctic Monkeys- Baby I’m Yours
Pixies- La La Love You
Girls- Broken Dreams Club 
Ultimate Spinach III- Some Days You Just Can’t Win
The Stooges- I Wanna Be Your Dog
The Distillers- Beat Your Heart Out
Misfits- She
Black Flag- Nervous Breakdown
Marilyn Manson- The Love Song 

Throwback Thursday : Hole’s “Live Through This”


In the last half of 1993 Hole recorded their second studio album, Live Through This. While I have a love/ hate relationship with Courtney Love, I often remind myself that the media has a tendency to warp reality and only allow you to see what they would like you to. When it comes down to it the only aspect that I can comment on is her body of work as a musician. I think the older I get I’m starting to move past all the hypotheticals that have been written about her marriage to Kurt Cobain. The fact is they both made some incredible music that has shaped almost half of my life. And I couldn’t be more grateful.


Live Through This is a vast departure from Hole’s debut album, Pretty on the Inside. The second album opens with “Violet”, arguably one of the most recognized songs even to this day. Love’s voice remains raspy and derivative of the punk sound that their sound was based on. However this album was poised to appeal to a more mainstream market. “Miss World”, another favorite on the album starts: “I am the girl you know, can’t look you in the eye”. This was direct foreshadowing of the position that women were taking on in the world of alternative rock. Women were moving more into the forefront thanks to help of Kim Gordon, Courtney Love, and Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland.

Toward the middle of the album tracks like “Credit in the Straight World” show a beautiful punk melodic quality that Hole seemed to be moving in. This would be deeper explored on their next album Celebrity Skin, which had mixed reviews because of it’s “glossy”  sound. The greatest thing about this album is it takes you on a journey inside the mind of a girl in the 90s and all her emotions on any given situation. Just listening to these tracks take me back to being a confused teen girl in my room cursing the world. She told me through this album that I could in fact, “Live Through This”. A fact this album teaches me almost 15 years later.

Hole - Live Through This - Booklet (2-5)

The release of this album was shadowed by Kurt Cobain’s death just 4 days before it’s release on April 12, 1994. There is much speculation that Kurt Cobain wrote most of the material on this album. I guess we will never know, but the only thing that remains true after all these years is this was one of the most solid records of the 90s and my life.


Hole - Live Through This - Booklet (5-5)hole%20-%20live%20through%20this%20(inside1)

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Throwback Thursday: Riot Grrrl Movement!


About a year ago I wrote an article for Fickle Magazine on the riot grrrl movement and how it still affects my life 20 years later. The movement came about in the mid 80s, and began with the feminist ideals that girls could be punk rockers too. Bands like Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, and other all girl groups from the Pacific Northwest and Washington, DC made this movement famous by taking back the power that girls held in the world of underground music. Eventually in the 90s this aesthetic turned more toward the grunge era with bands like Babes in Toyland and Hole, but still retaining the “riot grrrl” punk sound. However, they weren’t involved in the actual movement itself, a common misconception. Yeah, riot grrrls aren’t over.

Not only did the riot grrrl era include music but zines and printed publications played a huge part in getting the world out there. Self published works that praised more local scenes and encouraged the whole DIY attitude. Girls doing it for themselves. Last week one of the Facebook fans wanted to see a post on riot grrrls so here we are!

274096783Bikini Kill in ’92, Washington, DC



kathi-kathleentumblr_mhntbt1j2H1s11mcfo1_400Tamra of Lucid Nation

tumblr_mhpgdcRnnO1rg1zcfo1_500SleaterKinneySleater Kinney

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