Throwback Thursday: My So-Called Life

cast-of-my-so-called-life-5-600x450Throughout the years on the blogI’ve mentioned the 90s tv show My So-Called Life. Never before have I gone into detail on it’s impact.  It was one of those shows in the early 90s that directly mirrored my life. Even today I seem to compare my own happenings to the introspective Angela Chase played by Claire Danes. Although it was only on for one season it still is one of the most honest and real portrayals of 90s teen life ever. The fashion and amazing cast alone deserves a mountain of awards. So, don’t think of it as a throwback on this Thursday but more of a nod and a thank you to the creators of this show for existing even if it was only for one season.

One of the most incredible parts of this show was the multi-dimensional cast. Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano will forever go down in history as Angela’s “meant to be boyfriend” that kinda sorta was, who sang in a band. In other words perfect. Rayanne, the grungy amazingly styled best friend who’s drinking and drugs took over her life in a not so subtle way. Brian, the hopeless romantic neighbor who could only dream of Angela Chase and straight A’s in school. Rickie, a gay 15 year old teen who was always there to challenge social stereotypes on what a boy should be like in the 90s and be his own person no matter what people had to say about it. Then there’s Angela Chase, the red headed girl who thought way too much about everything but always seemed to have the best perspective on life.

This is still 90s television at it’s best. Raw, honest, and real.

911286270905971883527149861365473682336985238574936054387020229533879858391667413325641854919_Y6vkb9ae92464598570438482_yqyrB0gN277393658269782153_TiHwQSiSTSDMYSO EC004imgres-2imgres-3my so called life rerunsMy so called life! Totally loved this show!rayanne-my-so-called-lifetumblr_meh1nyOxKu1rc6e9co3_1280tumblr_mevlesNvNX1qaazxao1_500tumblr_mez9m2yKNr1rk4spno2_500tumblr_mfnvzavtXD1rk4spno1_500tumblr_mf8nhwoFjI1qdx5uao1_500omg don’t even get me started on Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto) singing “red”. Yes, it’s actually on my iPod.

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Throwback Thursday: Fight Club


Fight Club is one of those movies that stays with you the moment you finish watching. It was released in ’99 so it just makes it under the wire for the throwback section of the blog. Directed by David Fincher, with quite possibly the best cast ever with an even more tremendous story. Now I know that most people have already seen it but in the interest of not spoling it I won’t reveal too many details of the story. It’s based on a novel by Chuck Palahniuk which is even more of a crazy thrill ride. Definitely read it when you get the chance.


One of the greatest parts of this film is the gritty feeling and nature of the whole story. Not to mention the amazing costume choices for each character. Marla Singer, played by Helena Bonham Carter is a mix between Courtney Love and Wednesday Adams with a sarcastic edge. Edward Norton is a seemingly “normal” guy who isn’t all that normal as the movie progresses. Of course we can’t forget Brad Pitt who single handedly brought back the pink fuzzy robe and made it look oh so hot.

-1247634835852650532049029667107077105905028708212204_opeSFFruBrad Pitt fight clubtumblr_mf5mjlczKB1s01ld7o1_500Edward Norton, director David Fincher, and Brad Pitt

tumblr_mfah064UGO1rmbgbao1_500tumblr_mfbingVeDd1rba6yto1_500ZTOqrRphotos via tumblr//pinterest

Throwback Thursday: 90s Choker Necklaces

craftfb001*Fairuza Balk in The Craft

The 90s did have many questionable fashion moments. This post will not be about one of them. It’s time to remember the age of the choker necklace. Although this necklace came in many forms, it still remains a fashion essential today in any accessories closet. I used my power of intense internet research to think about every possible 90s film that featured the choker. Surprisingly it was quite difficult to locate images all in one place. From black velvet, lace, even spiked dog collars I’ve found some staple women in the 90s who continue to serve as daily inspiration in my own life.

1190205524_64750ba2d6Shirley Manson from Garbage

Drew-Barrymore-CHOKER-2Fashion-Trends-From-80s-90s-24016214Drew Barrymore

imgrestiffani-amber_00363591Tiffani Amber Theissen

tumblr_loonqtyUfF1qk6nf6Winona Ryder

tumblr_lwvv82EQzY1qzw4pgo1_1280Elisa Donovan (aka. Amber in Clueless)

tumblr_m95b4ngt4V1r403jbo1_1280Brenda in 90210

tumblr_mckk7q3nDV1qg80mio1_1280-1Tai from Clueless


Oh yeah, they weren’t just for the ladies. Jared Leto (aka. Jordan Catalano from MSCL) did the “string choker” proud.


Probably one of the funnies choker references of the 90s comes from Janeane Garofalo in Reality Bites.


To end my retrospective, I thought that the best use of the choker was Natalie Portman in The Professionals. It essentially was a character in itself.


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I’m really loving combining music and inspiration photos on a Sunday. This one is no different. Rifle Men is this awesome dream pop indie band that was formed by two roommates who went to my college in Long Island, Hofstra University. Coincidentally, one of the band mates has several mutual college friends that I have as well. They only released one EP but it’s amazing. Look for it on iTunes. And enjoy this latest crop of inspiration for the week.

Menswear Monday: Filled to the Brim

I admit. I love guys in hats. Beanies, wide brim hats, cop hats, you name it. Hats really do complete the outfit. Over the past 3 years I’ve been wearing more and more hats, even branching out to a brimmed hat that makes me look like Indiana Jones.

Here is a look at some men rockin some hats that are just as diverse as their personalities.

Guys, keep it up.

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Yep…No Introduction Necessary.

Is there really an explanation needed on why I’m posting about Jared Leto again? Nope. This is a fairly old editorial but lets face it, he looks exactly the same right this instant.

photo: Kenneth Cappello

styling: Sally Lyndley

Some may call this video blasphemy but I have always believed that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

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Menswear Monday: Having a Blast with Jared Leto…

Tv alterna poster child Jared Leto is at it again. Yep, it’s been a while and I think we are all due for another round of eye candy. This time it comes from Blast Magazine and Jared is looking as amazing as ever running through the streets of Paris.

Let’s take a look…

Photo: Aline & Jacqueline Tappia

Styling: Nicholas Galletti

Menswear Monday: Birthday!

I know that I’m a day late but I promise this will be the last of Jared for a while. He turned 39 yesterday. No, really Jared what is your beauty secret? Cause hot damn you are still looking like Jordan Catalano.

Here is the new “Hurricane” video that he has directed for his band, 30 Seconds to Mars.


Menswear Monday: Closer to the Edge

We all know how amazing Jared Leto looks. Let’s face it I cheated a little on this one for my menswear Monday but how does he look so good at 38? Can someone tell me?

Jared Leto & John Galliano

Being best friends with Terry Richardson does have it’s perks. He takes a lot of his photos nowadays.

Check out 30 Seconds to Mars’ latest video; Closer to the Edge