Don’t Mess with the Boss, Kate Moss.

Throughout the years that I’ve been writing the blog models have become much more inspirational to me than before. Looking back throughout the decade of the 90s there is only one true icon who embodies the title of the blog, fashiongrunge.Β Kate Moss rose to supermodel status in the 90s through her rugged waif like appearance and the ability to wear just about anything with a “i dont care” attitude. Much to the industry’s dismay at first being that she is only 5’6. I gathered some of my favorite photos of Miss Moss in the 90s to inspire everyone now and always.

I mean if this isn’t perfection, I give up.

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When You Got a Clean Smile, You Can Walk with Style…

In my life there are so many different obstacles and challenges that I come across. Β  Tumblr is one of the greatest inspiration sites for me. It’s very different from many of the other social media sites that are around now. Lately, because of my job I feel like I’m always connected to the web in some way or another. One of my best friends Chris Lai, is here from NYC and it’s always great to have a piece of home here because it inspires me in a completely different way. In keeping with the theme of inspiration, here is a mix of images that I’m currently crushing on via my tumblr dashboard.

photo via tumblr

Menswear Monday: Filled to the Brim

I admit. I love guys in hats. Beanies, wide brim hats, cop hats, you name it. Hats really do complete the outfit. Over the past 3 years I’ve been wearing more and more hats, even branching out to a brimmed hat that makes me look like Indiana Jones.

Here is a look at some men rockin some hats that are just as diverse as their personalities.

Guys, keep it up.

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