Gross Rules by Johnnys Bird

Moni Haworth’s photography is always so inspiring to me. It’s the perfect blend of the “grunge” aesthetic and Nan Goldin’s ability to capture such real environments and situations. Β Check out her latest series, “Gross Rules”. Photography: Β Moni Haworth via johnnysbird

“Baltimore or Bust” by Johnnys Bird

Moni Haworth, the photographer behind Johnnys Bird is always a constant inspiration to me. I often peruse her website to get an insight into her world. Her work always has a “soft edge” and just enough grit with a grunge appeal. Here is one of my favorite stories, “Baltimore or Bust”. images via johnnysbird

Live Dangerously Don’t Fear the Fall via Johnnys Bird

When I have a form of “artists block” it’s best for me to lose myself in much needed inspiration and see through a different eye. Now we’re preparing for a pretty awesome shoot this Saturday and it’s been a while since I’ve perused Johnny’s Bird so it’s always good to see what photographer, Moni Haworth … Continue reading Live Dangerously Don’t Fear the Fall via Johnnys Bird

Johnny’s Bird x In Bloom

Johnny’s Bird is the brainchild of photographer Moni Haworth. She shoots these incredible sets of photographs in a very Juergen Teller meets Nan Goldin type of aesthetic. Based in the UK, her images have such an amazing presence of the seedy grunge culture that still exists in many corners of the world. This series titled … Continue reading Johnny’s Bird x In Bloom