Inspiration: Influence

I skipped the inspiration this past Sunday. It’s good to switch things up a bit. There are so many things that inspire and influence me on a daily basis. Films, music, people, locations, literature, it’s really endless. photos via pinterest | tumblr

Inspiration: Take a Stand

Sometimes you get a chance to look back and realize what you should have done. Maybe its time to take a stand. For everything. For nothing at all. images via tumblr | pinterest


There really is something to be said for the peaceful and serene. ย Sometimes, I wish I could unplug and sail away to a remote island for a while and just collect my thoughts. For now I’ll just have to settle for a good book and spinning my vinyl on a Sunday afternoon. images via tumblr

Blonde Ambition

Just yesterday I was really missing my blonde hair. Yes, that’s right for the better part of 7 months last year I went blonde. That is until I dyed my hair purple (which still remains). It really is such a process to go from dark hair to other side of the spectrum. I still haven’t … Continue reading Blonde Ambition

That Red White and Blue.

In keeping with the American flag theme flooding your internet today here are a few photos gathered from all over to get you in the mood on this 4th of July! Be safe out there! photos via tumblr/pinterest


There is something so visually striking about Sofia Coppola’s debut film, Virgin Suicides. Paired with an amazing soundtrack and soft focus scenes this film is always an inspiration to me. via & softspoken blog