Wintry Sky…

This morning I woke up to the sky blanketed in white almost like it was about to snow. I know that is nearly impossible for it snow in July in New York but you never know. There is something about the color white that makes me think of snow, pure, and just an overall sense of clean crispness. So, here is an inspirational post all focusing around the color white.

all photos via pinterest & tumblr

Fashion Habit: Cuffed Jeans

I was originally going to title this post something like “trendwatch”. Then I realized that in my own world it’s not so much of a trend as it is a fashion habit. It seems that whenI put jeans on I automatically cuff them.  Now with the changing lengths in denim trends almost anyone can make their denim the perfect length.

Also, who doesn’t want to show off your shoes?

it’s summer! time to roll em up!

oh and the queens: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

photos via tumblr, weheartit, pheasantsandvultures

Rainbow Brite…

I think we have all noticed that pastel hair has resurfaced again in the world. I remember being so mad that I had dark hair when I was a teen because I had to go through such a process to dye it. It seems that a bottle of manic panic on a frosty blonde is the recipe for a spring summer lookbook or even a vogue spread. Man, Charlotte Free has made a career out of having pink hair.

Take a look at this trend in action…

oh and we can’t forget Jem!

photos via thefashionspot

Seeing Red…

On one of my favorite blogs Violet Pills Inc, I came across this awesome post all based around color. Coincidentally it was named after one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs as well. I’ve decided to follow suit and compose a post here based around a color as well. I’ve been feeling stressed lately so instead of calming myself down I’m adding fuel to the fire so to speak.

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And You Can Dance…For Inspiration

For those of you in America who are participating in the insanity that is Black Friday, God help you. I unfortunately have to work on days such as this so I have never truly experienced one myself. And I’m ok with that.

Here is a crop of images to help you through your shopping daze or just to look at if you are still sitting in bed resting up…

Either way, there is never a bad time for some new inspo

photos via tumblr

Draped in Velvet…

It wouldn’t be a flashback to the 90s if we didn’t talk about velvet. Even George Costanza  (from Seinfeld) can’t resist this material. More on that later.

Since the 90s are back for yet another season I thought I would dive into some of my favorite velvet pieces. Oh ps. I just got a pair of cherry red velvet Doc Martens that should be arriving soon so look forward to some awesome shoe posts coming your way!

Here’s what I’m diggin for the fall velvet season…

My girl Mary- Kate rocking this trend a few years ago.

credit: tumblr and

it is not anymore George… go to it!