Interview with Photographer Romain Staros Staropoli


I love the opportunity to get inside other photographers’ thought process. This week I had the pleasure of asking Parisian photographer Romain Staros Staropoli a few questions. There is something about his images that provoke a “serene intense” reality. Some of my favorite photographs allow you to connect and relate with the subject but also seeing them in a different light.


Here is a little bit more on Romain,

- Introduce yourself. 

36 yo kid, parisian born, self-made story teller
my projects :

- What is your favorite thing about photography? 

For someone like me who didn’t study very much because of lack of concentration and a strong will of going outside, photography has been a unique way to escape,  express myself and expose my point of view without words and numbers. 

It taught me to observe life and to love life. It saved my life somehow. 


Who are your influences? 

People who do and let their creations and creatures expose their process. Whatever they Do.

How would you describe your photography style? 



What’s next for you, do you have any special projects coming up? 

 Making moving pictures : film. Someday… 


- Do you have any advice for young photographers out there? 

Leave your girlfriend or boyfriend or both, kiss your mom, switch off your phone, take all your coins, see where you can travel as far away as possible, train, boat, plane, take your camera, become invisible and shoot, shoot, shoot ! Oh, and very important, remain faithful to yourself and vulnerable. This will fire up your mind and style. Then come back, kiss your mom and keep on shooting.

Romain also took a series of photos of Jimmy Q aka. James Quaintance, one of my favorite models. Check it out:


images via 

Saint Laurent Paris SS 13 by Hedi Slimane


Happy New Year! Here’s to another great year of awesomeness!

One of the benefits for having ultra talented Hedi Slimane as the creative director of your fashion house is also having him shoot the campaign. Hedi who is more recently known as an amazing photographer, took over the formerly YSL (now titled Saint Laurent) house last year. He shot the new campaign for the Spring Summer 2013 line. This line is pretty much all around perfect and the photos are just the same.

5a6940eba79a3c768e730ed3b39fe1a4af51bd0c_julia_w248df7156ef8d7990714e5022ae5f62cb643a7a6_julia_w2634a93461d43e912267af2dfcc30692ea60aa1a_julia_wac00d17aa048a2437e344524ca096a1cb1ac2d0c_julia_wb25b820f27916d6c516eaa63af7b6b90b6c1a7b9_julia_wdcfedec4a81122cdc409d0a210fd74cd2791b4b6_julia_wdf8ff80ccd91c9699a8e584cf9c6be3349288913_julia_weab8b3f803444a03c15e368767fcb395c84fb36f_julia_wPh: Hedi Slimane

Model: Julia Nobis

photos via

*stick around this week for a new 2012 fashiongrunge retrospective!

Blogger Crush: Mathilda Bernmark of Heygia

I wish that somehow I could get paid for searching and finding new blogs to write about. When I look through my google reader there seems to be a theme with the blogs I favor. Mostly that they are based in Scandinavia. It’s been a while since I have mentioned my new blogger crush du jour so here is another one to add to your list. Her name is Mathilda Bernmark of Heygia and she’s a Swedish blogger/ model who now lives in Paris.

One of the things that really captivated me about her was her edgy sense of grunge style that seems to run rampant in the Scandinavian countries. From the messy hair down to the torn jeans, she is giving me outfit inspiration for months to come.

photos via heygia

Fashion Grunge Wishlist: Isabel Marant Suede Boots

It’s been a while since I’ve told the universe what is on my fashion wishlist. They always say that once you put it out in the universe then it will happen. I think that mostly this holds true for jobs and other more important thing but this time I’m going to wish for the suede boots on everyone’s wishlist: Isabel Marant Dicker boots.

These boots have been seen on models, bloggers, and celebs all over. I managed to pick up a quite similar pair at Zadig & Voltaire last fall in Paris, but now I need the black ones.  They are just a standard suede boot but it seems to go to well with everything. Literally, everything.

Let the drooling commence…

Kate Bosworth

Katie Holmes

The Marant Boots and the PS11! this outfit is too much!

photos via google

Menswear Monday: Having a Blast with Jared Leto…

Tv alterna poster child Jared Leto is at it again. Yep, it’s been a while and I think we are all due for another round of eye candy. This time it comes from Blast Magazine and Jared is looking as amazing as ever running through the streets of Paris.

Let’s take a look…

Photo: Aline & Jacqueline Tappia

Styling: Nicholas Galletti

Interview with Bonnie Li!!!!

A few months ago one of my roommates was living in Paris when he introduced me to a great artist, Bonnie Li. When he was there he was lucky enough to attend one of her shows.  We have become friends on Facebook and she did an interview for me! Check her out! Thanks Bonnie!
1. So, introduce yourself Bonnie!

my name is Bonnie Li, i’m a one-woman-band singer-performer. i do trip-hop electronic music and today, i live in paris.

2. What is your favorite animal?


3. When did you start making music?

i wrote my 1st song when i was 8, the day my dog died. very sad day indeed, but the song was so bad it makes it a funny memory now.
More seriously, i started makin’ music when i was studying the arts of the stage at my 1st music school in 2004. I started as Li Jaune’s, a solo folk-electro project. But i wasn’t really happy with the music i was producing alone, was still in a ‘self-research’ period at that time. So in 2006 during my 2nd music school, i met Snow, a piano player mysterious girl, and we started a duet project called French to Kiss. We worked together for 3 years, did a few gigs in Paris and released a 6 tracks EP. During that time I learned computer-music and bought my 1st machine, the RC-50 loopstation.
That machine was a real revelation to me, I would spend hours jamming, looping my voice on impro lines, random people would give me, and i realized i could start a new solo project based on voice-loops. So I quit French to Kiss, to center myself on Bonnie Li.

4. How do you write your music? Do you have a pattern or system you follow?

I write short stories that i turn into songs. i like to focus on everyday life moments, like a freeze frame: “What interests me are the different levels of lecture. The narration (lead voice) is rhythm-ed by gimmicks (choirs on loopstation), the whole punctuated by samples (off voices on sampling machine)”.

5. Ok, what are your top 5 favorite music acts of the moment?

1- Antony and the Johnsons
2- Peaches
3- Santogold
4- Mary Ocher
5- Zola Jesus

6. Fashion..let’s talk about it. What are your favorite designers?

Lately i’ve been really interested into Atsuko Kudo’s work. More globally, i’ve always been a huge fan of everything that’s vintage-chic- vintage-grunge. As designers, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lagerfeld, issey miyake, Mc Queen, Vivienne Westwood, among others.. :)

7. Who are you inspired by? Fashion? Music? or in general?

i’m inspired by people and cities in general. growing up in hong Kong, then moved to San Francisco and Montreal, i’ve always felt secure in big crowded cities. i think i need that active energy to be able to compose.

8. What was your first concert?

Ladyfest Festival at WirrWarr in Berlin, august 2009. 400 wild girls partying. Great memory.

9. When are you coming to the states?

Ouh!!!!! i hope soon! actually, my parents live in Sunnyvale (Silicon Valley) and i’m planning a road trip in California this summer. So PEOPLE if you wanna book ME in August, that’s your chance to see Bonnie Li perform specially for YOU American residents :)!!

10. Finally, where can we buy your music? Cause I love it!

hahahaha, thank you Lady :)
my EP- Short Stories Volume 1- is now available online! (itunes, deezer,,, ..)

Here is her video for “VooDoo Doll”.

thanks alot!!