Menswear Monday: “Blazing Sun” by Kento Mori for Huge Mag No.79


Dark and warm pinpoints the visual feeling in this editorial from Japanese fashion magazine Huge Mag. Published in April of 2011 featuring looks from Burberry Prorsum, photographer Kento Mori captures a different side of the brand in a very 70s-esque style. Each week I feel a deeper connection to menswear and I love scouring the internet for new inspiration. Hopefully this one feeds you well…



Model: Louis Trainor

Photographer: Kento Mori

Styling: Akira Maruyama

Hair/ Make-up: Katsuya Shirasawa

All looks by Burberry Prorsum

Photos via creativeboysclub


Menswear Monday: Riot! // Inspiration Post


Well, it’s Christmas Eve here in the States and I’m sticking around the City of Angels. It gives me a good few days to organzine my books, clothes, and catch up on some much needed music I should get to. In the interest of keeping you all inspired, here is some inspiration for the boys today.

.558711-800w4168224-BLINDING-DARKNESS21038375180269733656343010932272135062234867200410252138190443_IXKcWats233835405623713492_2vVQmSDabrothers-fiasco-magazine-january-2011claudiamomerath-sigh-he-has-better-lips-thanjack1mens fashion styleTvasilisaforbeswear-suits-xxviiphotos via pinterest

I won’t be posting tomorrow so have a Happy Christmas!

Lifetime Inspiration: This is England


In the past 4 years of writing this blog I have thought of the entries as a time capsule. Or a way for me to remember things important or inspiring in my life. Almost like an online scrapbook if you think about it. Finding a film that hits you hard as soon as it’s over is a very rare thing. A few years ago this happened to me when I saw “This Is England” for the first time.


Director Shane Meadows premiered his first film in 2006 to amazing reviews. The story of a lost 12 year old boy who befriends a group of skinheads in England circa 1983. Aside from the film giving me a new insight on the background of skins, I also gained an intensive interest in British culture. Now it’s no secret that it is my dream to live in the UK, so seeing this film right around the time I was making the choice to move to Los Angeles reminds me of my quarter life crisis. In a good way.


The main character played by Thomas Turgoose was an incredible force in the film, as well as the other actors throughout. The film was so well received that a drama spin off television series was created called “This Is England” ’86 and it’s still running today. The ’90 series is slated for 2013. If you haven’t seen this film then I highly recommend seeing it right frickin now.


I hope this film is as powerful for you as it is for me.

Photos via tumblr//pinterest

Sod Off: It’s Effy Stonem.

One of my readers wanted to see more of Effy from Skins (UK)! I did a post on her here a few years ago but now its time to delve a little deeper…

Kaya Scodelario is most famously known as her role on the UK drama, Skins. Please do not get this confused with the monstrosity that the  US tried to duplicate last winter. This show is amazing. Profiling a group of teens growing up in Bristol, England, it shows you what you wished you could remember about your teenage years.

In the second series of the show Effy Stonem was a major character both for her attitude and her fashion sense. Drawing inspiration from the punk and grunge style, she made it all her own.

photos via tumblr

Menswear Monday: Lost in Brooklyn with Leebo Freeman

ok I know what you’re thinking…Yet another male model has caught my eye. I’m sure that you can guess my aesthetic by now and this one is no different. He is Leebo Freeman repping Flo-Rida and is all over the fashion scene today. Famously opening the Nicola Formichetti for Thierry Mugler show this past January, he is the new fresh face of the industry.

Here is a fashion video, “Lost in Brooklyn” shot by Christopher Starbody that makes me wish I was back in Brooklyn, well maybe only if I’m walking around with him…

Here is the editorial as well..

photo: Christopher Starbody

model: Leebo Freeman @ADAM

images via thefashionspot

Fashion Grunge Essential: The Black Leather Jacket

For most girls the little black dress is a wardrobe essential. Since I don’t see myself going out to buy one of those soon, I decided to share my version of that; the black leather jacket. Whether oversized or moto style with asymmetrical collars it literally works for every outfit. Boy or girl, grunge or classic, get this in your closet now…

Here are some looks that I’m diggin now…Get ready for Fall!

Ashley Olsen in her Rick Owens jacket

ahh Pete Doherty…

Julian Casablancas from The Strokes

ahh Balmain..the ultimate

whatup Barbie? She’s got it on lockdown in this one…

I mean…its Madonna.

images via tumblr, thefashionspot, google

Belated Menswear Monday Post: Indie Magazine.

So, I know that I am a day late for this post but I have a good excuse, jet lag and general reemergence back into my life after vacay. I was killing time at the Barnes and Noble and picked up one of my recent magazine discoveries, Indie Magazine. A magazine based in Austria that has a new fresh perspective on fashion. This editorial shot by Dom Smith took my breath away.

Photography: Dom Smith
Model: Aris
Stylist: Ryan Davis


Let’s Go to the Fashion Party…Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2008

Marc Jacobs and I have always had a strange relationship. He was one of the first fashion designers that I really fell in love with. Maybe it was his always present grunge aesthetic that I always sensed. This collection he did for his diffusion line in Fall 2008 just blew me away. It was received luke warm by a lot of fashion journalists but I loved it.

He mixed a punk with the 80s in such a grown up way. The looks remind me of what I would wear to an 80s party. Try to mix it up a little! Go Punk! Go Marc!

I love the boots with the buckles and the zips. He really hit the nail on the head with the accessories this season.





Assault with a Deadly Weapon: Kate Lanphear

Ok, so my biggest splurge just recently was jewelry. I’m still waiting for it to come in the mail but when it does I will for sure post some modeling photos.
My main jewelry and overall style inspiration is US Elle Style DIrector turned fashion icon. With her monochromatic tones and masculine dress style all topped with an arsenal of spiked and hardcore jewelry makes her a major star in my eyes…

Check her out:












source: tfs, jakandjil blog,

This Seemed Appropriate…

Since I am headed to California in a matter of hours I thought it best to pay tribute to one of my fav Cali girls out there, Gwen Stefani. When she first entered my world it was around 1995, I was still in mourning from grunge being over but there she was in the “Just a Girl” video. Looking awesome in bondage pants and cut off tankI saved up my allowance money to buy myself a pair of pink and black plaid ones…She was one of the boys but she was “Just a Girl”.





Later on as No Doubt moved forward she turned into a glamazon. She is the ultimate punk chameleon. I love how she transformed into a mom but still a badass fashion icon.




Who else can’t wait for the No Doubt reunion? I for one want to see what she is going to wear…

No more posts till I get back from L.A. Its time for some R&R…