Menswear Monday: Zack de la Rocha

This seems more like a post suitable for my music blog but I thought it would be good here too. Zack de la Rocha was the front leader for one of the most popular political bands of the last few years, Rage Against the Machine. I was at home a few weeks ago in DC and burned a ton of old music that I used to listen to. Rage being one of them I have been jammin out in my car these last few weeks. I can’t even tell you how disappointed I am that music isn’t the same these days. Enough of that later. Here is Zack, who is just super badass in general.

He is most known for his left wing views and how much he changed the alternative music scene in the late 90s. I first heard about them in 1996 when I was watching the VMA’s. “Bulls on Parade” is still one of my favorite songs to this day. Thankfully, over the past few years the band has reformed and reportedly recording a new album.

I hope they are serious…cause im juiced!

the band in action:

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