Number 5 with a Bullet…UnEarthen Jewelry

So, up until recently I was never much of a jewelry girl. I was completely content just buying cheap stuff from H&M. Don’t get me wrong I still do. Now, I have come to appreciate all these new jewelry designers  that seem to be popping up overnight.

They use old oxidized bullets and hollow out the points to house crystals. Each crystal symbolizes different thing. Boosting immunity, lowering stress levels and so forth. I for one think these are so inspiring and best of all look at this packaging. It’s a work of art that you almost want to use as decoration.

Their vial necklaces that contain oils and powders also come in little glass jars filled with sand, attached with a note describing the essence of each necklace.

for more info on Unearthen check out:

images courtesy of ( another great webshop!)

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