Menswear Monday: This isn’t a Spectator Sport!

One of the trends that has been around for decades has been the almighty dress shoe. There are many types for the men out there but one of the most edgy while remaining timeless is the spectator shoe. While they come in many colors the simple black and brown version are just dandy for me.

Johnny Depp rockin the black and white on the red carpet *swoon

Marlon Brando screen testing for “Streetcar Named Desire”

On the runways of the Comme Des Garcons show

Here’s Diane Kruger wearing some on a casual night out…see…girls can rock em too!

credit:, googleimages

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  1. 1

    where can I get those spectator shoes. I want those exquisitely made and designed shoes. It would mean a lot to me; I am an ardent admirer of this style of shoes. As a conisseur,these shoes are truly tantalizing for a collector.

  2. 4

    Please tell me if the brown and white spectators shown above are Edward Green or John Lobb and where I can purchase them here in the United States

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