Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden: Grunge 90s in DC

As most of you know, I grew up in the Nation’s Capital, Washington, DC. When I was growing up I only imagined getting out. Now, that I have lived in New York and Los Angeles, D.C. isn’t all that bad. Growing up in such a diverse city I had access to music that was born in the area. Let’s face it, I still relish in telling people that I am from Henry Rollins’ hometown.

Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden is an innovative web series about being 15 in 1994. It takes place in DC which is even more amazing for me. The show revolves around Doc Martens, grunge music, floral prints and teenagers in the mid 90s. Coincidentally, exactly when I was a teenager. Now in their third season expect these teens to do it all…It’s like Skins in the 90s in DC. Get into it.

to watch episodes of the show go to :

Meet the Girls:

ps. I didn’t want to flood the internet with another post about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana but 17 years ago today Kurt passed away. Everyone listen to a little Nirvana today.

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    Thank you so much for the shout-out on “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden”, which absolutely made my day. Love the post– and the rest of your blog too 🙂
    ~Otessa (from OJBG)
    ps In response to your Kurt mention…I remember *exactly* where I was & how I found out (Kurt Loder interrupted Liquid Television). 17 years later, and the day is still emblazoned in my memory… like the lunar landing for the grunge generation.

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