90s Cartoon Fashion Icons

Yeah, we all know I love the 90s. The fashion trends of the decade can not only be found in real people, the cartoons got it right too. From Judy Funnie of Doug to Jane Lane of Daria these closets I would love to raid even now. Oh yeah there are some pretty dope mens characters too.

Take a look…

Judy Funnie, Doug’s older sister

If you haven’t seen the classic Nick toon Doug then please rent it now. She was a the snobby older sister who was way ahead of her time. With her hipster remarks, undercut, and sweet shades, this chick would have been in a loft downtown for sure.

Jane Lane, Daria’s best friend

What can I say about Jane Lane that hasn’t already been said. Her mom was a hippie, she had a hot brother and she was wearing tights under her shorts before you did. So there.

The Chipettes (90s)

Yeah, the 90s version. Not the computer animated one. The all girl band that was always better than Alvin and Chipmunks. Each with their own sense of badass style. Omg. Watch “The Chipmunk Adventure” movie. It owns.

Trent Lane

Only MTV could create such a hot cartoon character. For more on how I feel about Trent reference my previous post here.

Roger Klotz

He was the notorious bully on Doug, but I always love a dude in a motorcycle jacket. Look at that hair. Dope.

Rainbow Brite (and the Seven Color Kids)

I know. She’s technically 80s but I couldn’t leave out my favorite cartoon girl of all time! Any girl who travels with a posse this dope just can’t be left off the list. ┬áColor-blocking what?!

photos via google