Menswear Monday: Ethan Embry

When I think of the 90s I think of heart throbs, naturally. Many of my early teenage years were spent watching movies, talking on the phone til all hours and generally being boy crazy.

When I first saw Empire Records it was a tie between A.J. and Mark for who was the most adorable. Ethan Embry played Mark, a wide eyed stoner who coined the term “Damn the Man, Save the Empire!”. That’s ultimately what made him my favorite character. After Empire he was one of the leads in “Can’t Hardly Wait” and he was equally as adorable. From his stoner style in Empire to his nerdy-chic getups in Can’t Hardly Wait, he was the original Seth Cohen from “The O.C.”.

Thanks Ethan for being the nerd of the 90s.


photos via tumblr

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