Throwback Thursday: California Dreams TV Show

If you were a teenager in the 90s you knew what TNBC was. It was a segment on NBC after Saturday morning cartoons that was marketed to teens. Hence the “T”. Saved By the Bell was the main headliner for years, but for a few seasons a show called “California Dreams” ruled the waves. This was so vivid to me then seeing as the prospect of living in California was not much more than a dream itself.

California Dreams was like Saved by the Bell if they had a band. Centered around a group of insanely on trend teenagers and their scheming band manager named Sly who got involved in all sorts of crazy capers. Most of all there was a mini concert at the end of each episode. Perfect 90s sitcom scenario. Who could resist the motorcycling bad boy that could only be Jake Sommers. Swoon.

Plus they did have one of the best theme songs ever:

In the throws of my research I saw that Jimmy Fallon actually reunited the cast on his Late Night tv show. Check out this piece of 90s nostalgia history.

images via google/ tumblr

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