Throwback Thursday: Hard Candy Nail Polish

I think I remember the Seventeen Magazine issue that first mentioned the new cosmetic brand, Hard Candy. Sky, a pastel blue in 95 was the first to start the nail polish craze. I was obsessed with Hard Candy to say the least. Each polish came in a range of truly awesome shades and even more awesome names like Vinyl, Trash, Bubble Gum, Sushi, Icky Eggnog, and Holiday Suicide. At first they were sold at Nordstrom and every time I went to the mall I would beg my mom for a new color. Now, nail polish has taken off with so many shades and materials but it’s always great to remember the good old days wear people would ask you: “Where did you get that green?”. And you replied, “Duh, it’s Hard Candy”.

And in true 90s fashion, they even had a mens nail polish line called Candy Man!

Among my searching I found this great blog where the she took photos of her collection! Truly amazing stuff!

images via prettyrandom,, pinterest, flickr

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