Menswear Monday: Michael Pitt by Gus Van Sant


One of the greatest things about being an artist is the connections you develop. It’s often found in different mediums but the outcome is the same throughout. It can be a connection with your craft directly or with another person. People are by far my favorite subjects. Learning to maintain a connection with your subject when photographing them or capturing their movement on film.


Legendary indie director Gus Van Sant shot these images in Portland for V Man Magazine in 2010 with actor Michael Pitt. I’ve written about Michael Pitt several times on the blog over years, much for his talent to grasp the early 90s aesthetic of the grunge culture. They both worked together filming “Last Days” in 2005, a non-descript “bio-pic” loosely based around the life of Kurt Cobain. These are some of my favorite images and you can really sense the connection between actor and director, or in this case photographer and subject.

-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913169-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913170-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913172-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913174-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913184-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913192-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913198-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913209-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913215-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913217-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913220-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913227-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913233-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913239-960-587-Michael-Pitt-by-Gus-Van-Sant-michael-pitt-16913245-960-587photos via

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