Menswear Monday : James Marsters


Now, I’m really going to display my inner geek for this weeks MM installment. I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. More importantly there is one character that I instantly fell in love with, the 200+ yr old vampire Spike. Yes, while everyone was fawning over Angel it was clear that Spike was the most badass on the show. So much that he was actually a regular cast member by the third season. It took me by complete shock that he is from California and not from England as his character suggests. His late 70s flashback scene might be one of my favs, in his quite accurate Billy Idol inspired outfit. I mean come on who could resist a vampire from England, who likes punk with bleach blonde hair, and has insannne cheekbones? Move over Edward from Twilight, you can sit down now.

Since the end of Buffy James Marsters has appeared on Angel, Torchwood, and Smallville just to name a few. Now he can be seen guest starring on tv shows, doing various appearances at Comic Con events, and also working on his music career.

if you’re a big fan of the show, here’s a nice montage of Spike’s best moments. You’re welcome.








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