Exclusive: House of Wonders by Maggie Fisher


Here is a description of Maggie Fisher’s latest photo series:

H O U S E   O F   W O N D E R S :
Attached is a series of photographs I shot this past weekend. My friend and I went to his family’s house for the weekend to escape the beginning of the semesters chaos.  Never have I appreciated silence so much.  For me, winter is a time to restore and shutting ourselves away in the hills of the Berkshires tending to the fire, reading, cooking, and playing board games was the perfect way to do that.

2Xpantryslip by Calvin Klein





7Xstovesweater by Anthropology and Slippers by LL Bean


9Xwindowseatsweater by Anthropology

10XpikupPhotography: Maggie Fisher

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