Exclusive: Adventures of a Unicorn | Joshua Tree by Stefania Consarino

It’s not often that we can take a journey into the desert with a classic Porsche car and a unicorn. Follow along with photographer Stefania Consarino for a truly whimsical story.

UA1Once upon a time there was a young boy fed up with his mundane city life…

UA2he decided to drive out to a magical place in Joshua Tree.

UA3As he lost his way,

UA4he thought that it might be a place to stay.

UA5reflected upon the important things in life

UA6and the how banal it would be to stay in a freight

UA7he crawled down a hole

UA8and little did he know how far that would go.

UA9came out feeling strange but also relieved

UA10to let go of some part he never believed.

UA11to be continued…

Photography: Stefania Consarino

Model: Derek An aka Mr. Unicorn

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