Movie Crush: Foxfire


One of those fly under the radar films of the mid 90s is definitely Foxfire. It’s one of Angelina’s best and lets not forget the honorable mention of Jenny Lewis, later of Rilo Kiley fame and Jenny Shimizu.

In a true story of 90s girlhood and high school feminism these girls start by from standing up to sexual harassment to rebelling against the system and creating their own rules. This still rings true in this digital age where young girls are now finding their voices and taking control of their own destinies.

When I was young I remember the style of this film as well. I can still say about 20 years later that the loose jeans, flannel and broken in leather jackets are characters in the film and as important as the girls themselves.

Put this on the top of your next movie night list.



FOXFIRE, Angelina Jolie, 1996, ยฉSamuel Goldwyn Films

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