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Imagine if you received an email about a band and immediately you were transported back to a mid 90s indie soundtrack when you listened to their feature song. That’s exactly the feeling that came over me when I first heard the band Tender Age . This Portland based band with a nod to the atmospheric shoegaze sound recently released a new EP titled Disappear Here (SINUS Recordings), and sold out of the vinyl release.


On their Bandcamp profile they are described as “kaleidoscopic whorls of glittering guitar feedback, feeling like an orange in a closet”. Which is sort of the perfect description. I’ll add to that with a “slo-motion sonic experience deep within a glitter lined cave”. In other words if Tender Age had been a band in the early 90s they most surely would have ended up on a Gregg Araki film soundtrack to. Wait, they still can.

In a short interview with guitarist Christopher I got a chance to find out about their budding moped gang, favorite 90s quotes, and the last time they experienced genuine fear.

FG: How did the band form?

Tender Age started back in 2014, but there was a series of lineup changes that eventually resulted in the well balanced and cohesive group of freaks we’ve got going now. We’re tight. We hang tough. I think we’re starting a moped gang.

 Oh, a moped gang! Sweet, what would the name be and what’s the logo?

Spin Class, and a wizard hat. 


Describe your sound in three words. 

I dunno. Shitty wind chimes?

Do you remember your first gig as as band? Was there a memorable moment from it?

Not sure about the first show, but we played a house in Seattle a while back and after we finished playing to a living room packed with APE SHIT FUCKING CRAZY DANCING PEOPLE this girl came up and was like “what kinda music are you guys? I threw up in my mouth twice while you were playing but just kept dancing”!


What keeps you motivated? 

The insanely talented, honest, hard working people around me. And straight fucking fear and aggression.

When is the last time you experienced genuine fear?

Fear: trump and tyre blowouts

Time: permanently

Fear: face planting the curb

Fear: electrocution

Time: permanent

the real apocalypse, the planet is really dying

If you could collaborate on a song with any artist, living or dead who would it be?

Kim Gordon but Delia Derbyshire would produce it and we’d get Tauna to destroy a guitar while mumble singing. One person? Come on.

What power would you have if you were a super hero?

Power: Matilda style telekinesis

What is your favorite 90s quote?

“That’s what you get for THINKING” -my dad

“Why am I listening to you anyways? You’re a virgin who can’t drive.” -Clueless

“I’m not Josie Grossie anymore!” -Never Been Kissed

If you could eat one food forever, what would it be?

Our drummer could eat Stroopwafels for the rest of his life.

road kale


Find out more info on Tender Age

Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

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