Edward Crutchley AW 17





Since his Fashion East debut for LCM in 2015, Edward Crutchley has been best known for his innate knowledge of using artisanal textile to create pieces that are a true reflection of contemporary luxury. With a wearable yet distinctive style deriving from a strong influence in classical art, for AW17 Crutchley looked to Isaac Oliver’s ‘Rainbow portrait of Queen Elizabeth I’ (1600) for inspiration, focussing on opulent fabrics such as silk and velvet and muted earthy tones contrasted with round glasses, beanie hats and casual fits.


Presented against a mountainous white backdrop, Edward Crutchley combined classic and contemporary for AW17, resulting in a collection with exquisite Venetian influence and ornate detailing juxtaposed with modern silhouettes. With strong inspiration coming from Renaissance portraiture, the presentation featured decadent silks and velvets, delicate floral prints, and a rich yet muted palette – all contrasted with a relaxed, casual and oversized fit usually associated with contemporary streetwear.


The marriage of these extremely contrasting eras and styles makes for a understated, original and wearable collection, demonstrated by an array of laid-back models that represented the brand in impeccable taste. They lounged casually around the set sporting floral bomber jackets in a warm Venetian red colour worn over hoodies, loose chocolate toned velvet jackets with matching wide leg trousers, ribbed olive green and warm taupe brown knitwear seen in various forms, including high-neck jumpers, long john style trousers, chokers, headbands and long, fingerless gloves. These classic colours and prints were instantly updated with new forms, adorning the body in the most effortless way. Every look was complimented by the use of accessories such as 90’s style glasses, ribbed beanie hats, brass necklaces, earrings and rings, showing careful consideration for detail.


Although the collection appears beautifully effortless and easy to wear, the skill, true craftsmanship and the extent of the thought behind the pieces does not go unnoticed – Crutchley’s references weave their way through each piece, telling a story and holding a great deal of significance both individually and throughout the collection. 

photos by Jessica Gwyneth @jessicamenace

words by Nysie Gunner @nysiegunner

Fashion by Edward Crutchley @edwardcrutchley

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