Let Me Out by Lauren Melanie

Let Me Out; a new series by Lauren Melanie

A while ago I was going through an artists block. It had been about 6 or 7 months since I had picked up a camera. During that time I thought of what I should do become inspired again. Going to familiar places seems to help with that. I asked Al, this badass photographer if she wanted to model for me and sort of combine her 70s bohemian style with some new fashion that I wanted to shoot. This set reflects me getting back into my rhythm…finally.

sweatshirt by Inmindseye

shirt by 92’s Grunge Store

shirt by Inmindseye

shirt by Little Sunny Bite

shirt by 92’s Grunge Store

shirt by Little Sunny Bite


Photography: Lauren Melanie @lauren_melanie

Model: Al Smith @shittyfilm

Fashion: @littlesunnybiteyoppy @inmindseye @92sgrungestore

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