Beauty Diaries w/ Otessa Ghadar

talking beauty w/ Otessa Ghadar

A few weeks ago I decided to do a new feature here on the site, beauty diaries. Since I’ve only recently begun to turn into a beauty junkie I thought it would be good to get my friends perspective on her beauty routine and faves.

My friend Otessa is a nostalgia buff like me and is also an awesome writer, producer, filmmaker here in town. I took some photos of her lounging at home and playing in some makeup. She also spilled some of her must haves and beauty holy grails.

Take notes.

Faves right now are…


Holy Grail Product

What is the last product that you tried that surprised you on how good it was?


Name one beauty product from your childhood that you wish was still around.

  • well this one is from college but — NARS (I’m looking at you).  Pls bring back “Bambi” lipstick… I’m so sad without it.  I had to switch to MAC’s Freckletone… why have you forsaken me, NARS?
  • Also, a true lost gem from childhood is Lip Smackers’ tinted lip gloss in watermelon, that gave just the right amount of color, but made my mom mad.  Ha. sorry mom.


Photography: Lauren Melanie Brown @lauren_melanie

Model: Otessa Ghadar @otessa_ wearing some The People Vs. @thepeoplevs

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