Nostalgic for you, Norway by Daniela Santamaría

This is a series photographed back in 2015, when Rodrigo, Mateo and I decided to meet up in Norway while we all were living abroad. I feel nostalgic, because it was a great encounter. We had fun, we lived every day as if it was our last and shared amazing stories together. The last day in Oslo we took the metro to Sognsvann and tried to watch the northern lights. We couldn’t see those, but instead had a perfect sunset by the river, feeling as cold as the color blue and smoking cigarettes. In the process of developing the rolls (both, color and black and white) I had a bit of trouble and some of the photographs were a bit damaged. After a while, I learned to cherish them as a physical evidence of what might have been; the memory of the latent image at the precise act of photographing. Since then I have never complained about the broken film, as I am able to construct those memories every time I contemplate the photographs. – Daniela Santamaría, photographer


Photography: Daniela Santamaría @a_huge_wtf

Models: Mateo: @mateo_vergel & Rodrigo: @prostifusion

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