“Meeting Across the River” by Maxi Diaz for fashiongrunge.com

1-1I love when I come across new submissions from New York City. Photographer Maxi Diaz, who is based in Spain sent this colorful edgy urban story from his recent trip to the city. Combined with playful patterns, 90s trends, and a tomboy feel this editorial is just what we all need to take the chill off these upcoming winter months.

2-2top by Hamlet’s Vintage

3-1top by Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty, skirt by Lana Redman, shoes by Celine,hat by E Patton


5-1dress by Hamlet’s Vintage, hat by E Patton, shoes by Celine

6-1top by Lana Redman, shorts by FONY, shoes by Celine

7-1dress and vest by Hamlet’s Vintage, shoes by Celine

8-1dress by Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty

9-1photography: maxi diaz

stylist: caitlan hickey

model: maira moura @ marilyn

hairstylist: alyssa lorraine

makeup: ricardo delgado


“Girl by the Window” by Francesca Costa for fashiongrunge.com

4This is the first in an ongoing series by London based photographer Francesca Costa. Here are a few words from her on the project:

We asked 6 female artists based in London to pose for us in their own apartments.
The girl by the window, this week, is Margherita, an Italian fashion designer who created  all the lovely clothes of this series. Everything is shot with a film camera and Polaroids.







img023Photography: Francesca Costa

Stylist: Gaia Torres

Model: Margherita Garosci



Menswear Monday : Evan Peters

evan-peters-on-quicksilvers-look-in-x-men-days-of-future-pastYes, it’s Tate. If you watch American Horror Story then you will totally get this post. Over the past four seasons actor Evan Peters has played a multitude of characters all from the anthology series by Ryan Murphy. He’s been a depressed grunge teenager, a suspected serial killer, a frat boy Frankenstein and now in the current Freak Show season, he’s just Jimmy Darling.

One of the reasons I like Evan Peters so much is his impressive dossier of characters in such a short period of time. Completely adapting to the environment and decade almost seems like such an ease.  He’s engaged to Emma Roberts, a fellow cast mate. Also, he doesn’t do many shoots but the ones I’ve seen are pretty badass.









 photos via google | tumblr


Mixtape: Off-Track November 2014

Fashion Grunge | Off-Track November 2014 by Fashiongrunge on Mixcloud

I decided to do something a little different for the mixtape series. It’s always nice to switch things up, so because I’m so camera shy I thought I would speak to all of you through the music.  So, each month I’ll keep up the series and give you a little bit more of an insight into why I chose each song. The series I’ve entitled, “Off Track” as a nod to the changes happening in my life just now. Enjoy!


Jack White- Black Bat Licorice
Smashing Pumpkins- La Dolly Vita
Jack Kilmer- TM
Manchester Orchestra- I Can Barely Breathe
Crescendo- Call Cards
Pavement- Here
Nirvana – On a Plain [Live at Reading]
Brand New- Limousine
The 1975- Sex
Embrace- Dance of Days
New Ivory- A Knight
New Radicals- I Hope I Didn’t Just Give Away the Ending
Babyshambles- Sequel to the Prequel
Stone Temple Pilots- Plush (Acoustic)

Email me suggestions/feedback: offtrack@fashiongrunge.com


Fashion Grunge Editorial #26: Extraterrestrial

nouelfilm_1In the new fashiongrunge editorial it’s all about other worlds. Through empty rooms of a vacant apartment our subject changes into many personas. This is inherently where the term “extraterrestrial’ was born for this editorial, because sometimes we feel as though we live in different galaxies in varying space and time.

nouelfilm_3_smblazer by Objects Without Meaning

nouelfilm_14_smnouelfilm_4_smtop by Widow, skirt by Objects Without Meaning


nouelfilm_7_smvintage plaid coat


nouelfilm_10_smdress by Sisters of the Black Moon

Photography: Lauren Melanie Brown

Stylist: Cody J McCook

Model: Nouel Riel

Hair: Adrian Arredondo

Makeup: Renee Camacho

Photo Assistant: Samantha Harman


90s Crush : Jason Lee


I first fell in love with Jason Lee in the film Mallrats. It’s crazy that I actually remember watching it for the first time in my best friends living room. I think from that moment on we started prefacing everything with “true story”. Jason Lee started out as a pro skateboarder in early 90s famously starring in Spike Jonze’s classic skate film, Video Days for Blind Skateboards. He began landing movie roles and soon left the full time skate world for Hollywood. He’s been a great influence and is making such an impact in both worlds.





JasonLeeVideoDaysphotos via google


Inspiration: Still Frames


Disturbing Behavior (1998) 

Apart from music being the most important thing in my life, the vast area of 90s films run a close second. When I think about some of my favorites, I find that still frames from each film pop into my head. In a departure from the usual Sunday inspiration posts, I’ve gathered a selection still frames from some of the movies that helped shape my adolescence.


Empire Records (1995)


Fear (1996)


Clueless (1995) 

fight-club-fight-club-4748124-1706-960Fight Club (1999)

le-traumatisant-mais-somptueux-kids-de-larryKids (1995)

pf1032d_3(1)Nowhere (1997)


The Basketball Diaries (1995)

Rivers-Edge-Keanu-Reeves-and-Chrispin-GlooverRiver’s Edge (1987)

totallyTotally Fucked Up (1993) 

tumblr_mh96jpawwv1qghl49o1_500Natural Born Killers (1994)

vXa8cVrteyKyEeCozrE0pIHrnUmSubUrbia (1996) 

photos via google