Good Design.


My interests in life do not solely revolve around the 90s and all it’s glory. Oh believe me, it does take up much of my time. Lately since becoming part of the late 20s crowd (almost 30 eek) I’ve been intrigued with the simplicity of design in all forms. Interior and graphic to be specific. I thought as a departure from the gritty nostalgic sub-culture that I live in daily it would be nice to explore some covet worthy design.











allendale house




















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Blogger Style File: Minnie of MoiMinnie

supportfab-moiminnieSome of the blogs that I love the most are very minimal. There is something more to be said when there is less to distract your eye and mind from clutter. Minnie Johnson of Moi Minnie is a photographer from Serbia and is one of the latest blogs that I’ve  added to my Google Reader. She posts various outfits, but also some great DIY tutorials and samples of her own photographs. Everything from her style to her dramatic hair changes keep me coming back for more inspiration. I’m sure you’ll be running back too.

90s-details-moiminnieDSCF0609a_resize3.1inspired1-moiminnieallthatglitters2-moiminniebeige1-moiminnieclear2-moiminniefurrr1-moiminnielessismore1-moiminniepinkhair1-moiminnieshredded3-moiminniewhiteliner1-moiminnieyesterday2-moiminniephotos via moiminnie blog

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90s Album Covers…

This might sound really strange, but I have an obsession with music artwork and movie trailers. I have no idea where it came from or even why I like them so much but I do.

When I was younger my collection of cds, mostly due to the cheap used store in DC, was out of control. One of the best parts of the process was cracking open that jewel case and looking at the cover art inside. This has always been something that I want to do and hope to do it soon. For now I’m thinking about the visual construction of a perfect album cover and allowing my sense of sight to bring me back to those days of being a teenager in my room opening the fresh booklet.

51hUVenahLL._SL500_SS500_63435211455231408860223154122378892237897224178424594222459457APPLE,_FIONA_-_TIDALRadiohead-OKComputerFrontsdrediarysparkleandfadestp-coretumblr_m4ohsb2wxX1qzluzto1_1338117198_cover*there are so many more but this is just a start!

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Interior Dreams…

For as long as I could remember I’ve wanted to decorate a space. I never lose sight of the hope that I will one day find that perfect loft or house that I can start from the ground up and really make my own. Here are just a few images that I have gathered to give me some inspiration on future spaces to come.

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