New York Fashion Week FW 13: Long Tran


High fashion, avant-garde designer Long Tran …takes the stage with his newest collection called “anonymous”. With the covering garments placed strategically to mask the nobility without holding back the evolution of inner confidence, this designer is reaching new heights while progressively lifting us to a new plane of fashion.  I always look for something new, either in architecture, aesthetic or creation and this designer has perfectly balanced a hip and fresh look for the new age of avant-garde.  These bold statements collide with amazing detail. From the wedged men to the cascading material, the thoughts and inspiration behind “anonymous” are clearly stated.


Almost seducing us with the comfort of neutral tones, but exciting us with the incorporation of color he has transcended seasons together, something that todays designers stay away from. He has shown us that breaking the rules in fashion can produce an overwhelming sensation of balance while still being diverse. Complimenting the silhouette he has achieved a touchable look for the untouchable.It’s not all about lace and leather anymore, this is a new era with long tran being one step ahead.

                                                                     – Cody McCook

longtran2longtran4longtran5longtran6longtran7longtran3-designer Long Tran

ph: Ernesto Carlos Roman 

SECOND/LAYER @ New York Fashion Week FW13

A few weeks ago Cody, the fashion editor here at the blog modeled in the first campaign for SECOND/LAYER, a new brand out of California. Just last week Cody attended their fashion presentation for fashion week in New York. Accompanied with Sean who took some awesome photos of the event, here is his review:


Born on the West Coast under the beaming sun and swaying palms, three boys brought together from years of friendship and common compatability …Anthony Franco, Jacob Willis and Joshua Willis put their friendship and creation into the blender and processed SECOND/LAYER.  The focus behind the designs were intended to “create a tailor made, non gender bias form. “. Confidence drips from the completed and pure silhouettes that truly do shape a defined and confident shape.  Combining the roots of their lives and evolving them into a brand that defines a sexy, mysterious, and very captivating creation.

Knowing Anthony for a couple years now it excites me to see the evolution he himself has gone through while creating such a staple in such a short time.  I was honored to be brought into the project while lending some face for their campaign launch in late January.  Complete structure drapes the canvas and not only tips its hat to the fellas but compliments the sleek ladies as well. Neutral tones perfectly designated for the modern sartorialist who “honors an innovative take on classic styles and modern proportions.”

By far this has been one of this seasons most inspirational presentations.

Congrats gents,  you nailed it.

second_1second_2second_3second_4second_5second_6second_7second_11second_12second_8the designers and creative team of SECOND/LAYER

Ph: Sean Karimian 

Text: Cody McCook



FW ’13 campaign modeled by Cody McCook

We Are the Super Cool

4333687499Just a few days ago I was in a song warp on YouTube looking up rock one hit wonders from the late 90s. One that I remembered and immediately downloaded was “We Are the Super Cool” by The Space Monkeys. It’s not your typical one hit wonder but I think it was featured on a few tv shows and such.

I thought it was a perfect title for this Sunday’s inspiration post. Pulling these images with the keyword: cool. If you looked up cool kids in my visual dictionary, this is what you would find.


-1020713_Tommy_Ton_F2013RTW4277310862842773341396Acervo Vintagecoolio-2Image2thesemightysecrets-julia-hettaTotulovetumblr_mb1q6nwaSd1rwez1ho1_500tumblr_mhb9ftaNkL1s29oqvo1_500tumblr_mhctdsWIYT1rx31deo2_1280tumblr_mhuyq9n50k1r1ig1oo1_500tumblr_mhvmfpM7zX1qbt8uco1_500tumblr_mhwdr7l6zT1r1kq3ho1_500void[0]photos via tumblr

It’s Starting…New York Fashion Week! Rag & Bone & A Détacher…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Nope, not Christmas, fashion week. Cody, the fashion editor for the blog is in NY with our fashion assistant Sean attending some of the shows and braving the snow. While I sit here in sunny LA working on numerous other projects, I still can’t help but follow every step of what is happening for the next fall fashion season. I couldn’t wait to share some of the most intriguing shows so far: Rag & Bone and A Détacher.

-Rag & Bone

ragbone1Rag & Bone really channelled their British roots with their fall collection. An assortment of tweeds, leather treatments, and bouclé is what we can expect in the winter months to come. It’s a vast complement to their Spring/Summer show which explored marbled leather jackets and color blocking in some of the best neons I’ve ever seen. The Rag & Bone girl is really coming into her own over the past few years. The brand growing at a dynamic rate and if this is the future we have in store then sign me up!

ragbone2ragbone3ragbone4A Détacher

adetacher1I love volume in my clothing. Show me a cocoon coat and I’m pretty much sold. One of the best elements of any fashion show is the ability to transform your pre-existing thoughts on a particular shape or style and completely redesigning it. This is proven in the latest A Détacher show for the fall season. I’m really loving the layering and the styling overall. Reminds me of something Bjork would wear in other words; perfect and so original.

adetacher2adetacher3adetacher4photos via 


Menswear Monday: Miles Langford

georgiewileman-miles-langford-eliteYes, it’s Monday and once again it’s time for me to explore the world of menswear through my eyes. Since yesterdays post was all about the models of the current time fueling my inspiration, it’s time for another model that’s inspiring both me and the fashion runways, London based model Miles Langford.

Over the past 3 years the placement of tattooed models has become much more accepted in the fashion world. I for one happen to love that fact, seeing as the stories behind tattoos are just as interesting as the person and adds an extra dimension. Miles can be seen on the runways most of the time but it’s great to see his editorial and print work as well.

Here is a quick video recap of the Milan menswear season for S/S 13 with a quick interview with Miles:

florian-van-bael-miles-langford-milojake-shortall-miles-langford-for-urv-26-always36955359952with Jimmy Q last year in London by Tommy Ton 

27795722672044770_PFYcecW1jake-shortall-miles-langford-michael-lange-model-springsummer-2013-styles-for-nylon-guysmil001-240865718439with Cole Mohr

miles langford | Tumblrmiles-langfordtumblr_mgr2aqvG7K1qb6jeto1_500tumblr_mgsj8xL8Cm1rso0ono1_400closing the Dries Van Noten F/W 13 show in Paris 

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