Throwback Thursday: Swatch Watches!


Sometimes I think my love for 80s/90s nostalgia can be a problem. Often I find myself daydreaming about the little things that I remember about my childhood. I guess it has to be fact that fashion really moves in 20 year cycles and now the 90s are up for discussion and memory recall.

There are few things that are still in tact when it comes to my current life and my life 15 + years ago.  However one of the things that I have still remained in love with is Swatch watches. In the 80s and 90s they were the “go-to” watches for the preteen and teen set. When they first opened a Swatch store near me  I lost my mind. Just the idea that there were that many designs all in one place that I had to choose was blowing my mind. I fell off the train for a while in my college years but just a few years ago Kid Robot announced a collaboration with the watch brand. I scooped one up by the artist Tilt. Let’s all remember how awesome Swatch’s are and check them out now cause they still rule!


indexI had this exact one!! from the *92 Collection

1741277806393014899668376tumblr_lqfrdnEFwl1qdygvbo1_500Man, I wish I had a collection that looked like this. I remember everyone wanted the clear one.

index-1I had this one too! For the ’96 Olympic Games

swatchwatchHere is my current collection: Corto Maltese from 2001 F/W, KidRobot w/ Tilt, Cabaret Voltaire (2004)


For more Swatch info: Facebook, SWATCH

Photos via SwatchandBeyond, tumblr, pinterest

Throwback Thursday: 90s Choker Necklaces

craftfb001*Fairuza Balk in The Craft

The 90s did have many questionable fashion moments. This post will not be about one of them. It’s time to remember the age of the choker necklace. Although this necklace came in many forms, it still remains a fashion essential today in any accessories closet. I used my power of intense internet research to think about every possible 90s film that featured the choker. Surprisingly it was quite difficult to locate images all in one place. From black velvet, lace, even spiked dog collars I’ve found some staple women in the 90s who continue to serve as daily inspiration in my own life.

1190205524_64750ba2d6Shirley Manson from Garbage

Drew-Barrymore-CHOKER-2Fashion-Trends-From-80s-90s-24016214Drew Barrymore

imgrestiffani-amber_00363591Tiffani Amber Theissen

tumblr_loonqtyUfF1qk6nf6Winona Ryder

tumblr_lwvv82EQzY1qzw4pgo1_1280Elisa Donovan (aka. Amber in Clueless)

tumblr_m95b4ngt4V1r403jbo1_1280Brenda in 90210

tumblr_mckk7q3nDV1qg80mio1_1280-1Tai from Clueless


Oh yeah, they weren’t just for the ladies. Jared Leto (aka. Jordan Catalano from MSCL) did the “string choker” proud.


Probably one of the funnies choker references of the 90s comes from Janeane Garofalo in Reality Bites.


To end my retrospective, I thought that the best use of the choker was Natalie Portman in The Professionals. It essentially was a character in itself.


images via google//tumblr//pinterest

Breakout: giantLION Jewelry Lookbook

One thing I wouldn’t change about the world is the access to the internet. It sounds weird even though I wax poetic that the 90s were the most perfect generation to grow up in. When I was younger it was more about physical presence than anything else. That and word of mouth. Now, we live in an age where we can sip tea on our couch and virtually shop all over the world. Direct from the designers in some cases.

When I found another means to expand my jewelry box in the shape of giantLION jewelry I just had to share it with you all. Based out of VA and designed by Caroline Whittington this is one jewelry line to watch this season. ONe particular aspect that stood out for me was this genuinely awesome grunge flavored lookbook. The fierce styling mixed with the delicate jewelry is the best combo to get me through this cold season ahead. Can’t wait.

Check out their shop: & on Facebook!

photos via giantliontumblr

Claranette x LnA x fashiongrunge editorial “Soft Edge”

When we were on our short hiatus after the L.A. Renegade shoot, the fashiongrunge team went through a bit of a cleansing. We wanted the next shoot to be clean and simple. Don’t get me wrong but we love our grunge roots but spring was calling for a new direction. Jewelry was one major area we wanted to focus on just because it has become such a major focus lately.

I knew that my friend Clara had begun making jewelry so I asked her if we could pull some pieces and voila! The editorial was born. We pulled her amazing tangled jewel stoned necklaces exclusively for her first editorial feature.

We couldn’t just shoot jewelry with a bit of clothing and who better to represent the basic California lifestyle than LnA clothing. We pulled a few of their great styles from this spring and fall season.

Here we go guys…hopefully it was worth the wait…

All necklaces by Claranette, clothing provided by LnA.

Photo: Lauren M Brown

Stylists: Becca Ciacchi & Cody McCook

Hair : -Jenkins.

Models:  Sam Fernandez & Sarah Anderson

Special thanks to Claranette and LnA clothing… We love you!

On The Cusp…

As I sit my room on the cusp of yet another fashiongrunge editorial I’m pulling inspiration from all over the interweb. With all this crazy tumblr following and tweeting going on, it makes just being on the computer so draining. I have such a laundry list of blogs to check that it makes me crazy. However, there are those times where the music is just right and the creative juices start to flow.That time is right now.  Currently I am absorbing the the Washed Out album, bowing at its glowing greatness. I think Air France would be a suitable follow up record.

I can’t give away exactly what the shoot entails, but let’s say all these photos have something in common.


Might as Well Jump! Proenza Schouler Jewelry

I think we all know that my love for jewelry has grown immensely in the past few years. I especially love the new pieces that Proenza Schouler has cooked up for the Spring. When I was growing up I did a lot of hiking and rock climbing in the mountains so I loved the idea of hooking carabiners and climbing ropes for jewelry.

These pieces go for $150 each.You can buy them at Proenza Schouler’s online shop.  If you don’t want to drop that kind of cash then here is a great DIY tutorial for ya here :


Menswear Monday: Accessories!

It has been brought to my attention by my roommate/ inspirational contributor that I should feature some mens accessories on the blog. Men love their accessories too! I happen to love some the variety of pieces that I do see out there. Here are a few things that I find inspiring for the men out there!

Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2011

Illesteva Frieda Black Matte Sunglasses

Illesteva Lenox Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Veja Acacia Leather Holdall

Eddie Borgo Silver Razor Blade Bracelet

J.W. Anderson Georgian Key Pendant

Odeur Special Edition Triangle Ring

Will Leather Goods Olive Army Tote


I hope this gives you guys out there some inspiration…

Wear Your Vices on Your Sleeve.

Or in this case around your neck as jewelry. That’s what Cast of Vices jewelry range would rather you do. What’s better than displaying your vices for people to see.Not to mention they are dipped in 925 sterling silver using a very intricate process. Even though most people would say this it’s controversial to wear a baggie, vicodin pill, or a cigg around your neck, what good is fashion if you look like everyone else?

check out for more info.