Beauty Crush : Glossier


The beauty world has always been some type of alternate universe for me. I’m not the typical girl who wears makeup every time she leaves the house. In all honesty I’d rather sleep an extra 15 minutes than put on makeup. I prefer to really cling to the term, “less is more” when it comes to skincare.

Enter, Glossier.


Glossier (rhymes with dossier), the new simple-no nonsense skincare by Emily Weiss of beauty blog, Into the Gloss is the latest  to hit my medicine cabinet. I’m a sucker for simple and clean packaging, which they pretty much nailed. Along with the Phase 1 set comes a page of super 90s inspired stickers to decorate your bottles and make them all your own. I’m a sucker for customization. It’s been about a month that I’ve had the series so a proper review is in order.

rosewaterspraySoothing Face Mist | This is pretty much the best ever. I’ve been looking for a rosewater spray for years with no alcohol ever since one of my favorites was discontinued. There really are no words for how great and useful this is. You can use it as a toner, which I do or as just a simple refresher in the afternoon. I need to reorder already because I’m totally obsessed.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset| Priming Moisturizer | Probably one of the most important skincare products is moisturizer. It’s often underestimated but so important. No matter how tired I am each day I always wash my face and put on moisturizer each morning/night. With the cold bitter weather coming here this is the perfect base for your makeup or just a standalone product to wear when heading out the door. It’s got a great texture and never feels greasy or oily on your skin. A tip for this winter: keep this in your bag for a quick skin repair.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset | Balm dotcom | The name of this balm is an understatement. It really is the bomb. It’s marketed as more of a salve which can be used on dry and part of your skin that need just a bit more lovin. As someone who has tried about a bazillion different balms, the fact that this one is on regular rotation is quite a feat.

tinted moisturizer| Perfecting Skin Tint | For someone who doesn’t want to wear foundation, but still wants to have an even radiant skin tone, look to the perfecting skin tint. It comes in three shades that easily blend with many skin colors. With diamond powder as a key ingredient, how can you really go wrong?

I have to tip my hat to Emily and the crew of Glossier for creating such a great range of products that appeals to all essential beauty needs with a touch of fun!

products c/o Glossier


“Britpop Army” | Diesel FW 14


In the lush landscapes of the new Diesel FW collection shoot, creative director Nicola Formichetti pays homage to the britpop sounds of the 90s and the military influence in the grunge culture. This especially resonates with me, since I started wearing my old army surplus jacket just a few months ago. The military style with patches and the ever so classic olive green color is almost like the “staple” of every fall season. Much like the denim jacket is for spring and summer. It’s great to see the influence of my favorite decade still being reimagined by the fashion world.














photos | dazed

Photography: Felix Cooper

Stylist: Elizabeth Fraser-Bell

Models: Lily @ M+P, Tom @ Storm

Hair: Jose Quijano

Makeup: Ninni Nummela

Ph Assist: Bror Ivefeldt


20 Years after Kurt Cobain…


In all honesty this site wouldn’t exist without the grunge music of Seattle and it’s unintentional spokesperson, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Like many other sites today we reflect on the past 20 years since his tragic death.

So much has changed in the realm of rock music since ’94. You could almost say it’s impact has been considerably softened when it comes to pop culture relevance. There was an attempted resurgence in the early 00’s but nothing has come close to what rock music did for the youth in the 90s. Before the world of social media there was just true human interaction with music. Most people my age long for a time when we become more physical and less digital much like the age of the 90s.

Kurt Cobain wasn’t just the lead singer of my favorite band. He represented all of us; the angst filled youth that would come to define most of my teen years. I remember sitting in my 5th grade class when we heard the news of his passing. A 7th grader ran into the room and even though we were all still so young we had all been listening to Nirvana for most of the school year. Even at 10 years old we knew all the words to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. There was a wave of sadness that came over the classroom. And before we even knew what Nirvana really meant to us, we knew that something was changing. After that day, rock music was never the same.

So in looking back over the last 20 years since his death I’m not thinking somber thoughts today. Kurt touched and continues to impact my life and so many others and for that we wear our Nirvana t-shirts and continue to play their music loud and proud.

















images via pinterest


Fashion Grunge Mixtape #41: Never Winning


photo via tumblr

Things have been a little bit up and down, hence the dreaded lapse in posts lately. Sometimes the only thing I can do is put together a playlist that encompasses everything that I’m feeling at the present moment. It almost serves as a music photograph, a glimpse in time to remind me that it’s always darkest before the dawn.


Throwback Thursday: Temple of the Dog


Temple of the Dog is probably one of my favorite bands from the 90s. Aside from “Hunger Strike” being my go-to karaoke song in any situation,  they were such a great band that only had one album in the early 90s. It’s pretty much  a grunge supergroup with Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder with future members of Pearl Jam. The band formed after the tragic loss of Mother Love Bone frontman, Andrew Wood. What started out as a tribute band became one of the best treasures of the 90s and grunge world. Unfortunately they didn’t reach success until ’92 and by then Eddie and co. were well on their way with Pearl Jam. Oh yeah, Chris Cornell didn’t do too shabby either.






A few years ago they joined together again on stage. I’m speechless.


My Birthday! Another Decade…


Welp! Today is my big 30th birthday. This is going to be a short post since I have some surprise birthday plans all day tomorrow. To me age really is nothing but a number and I couldn’t be more proud to have been born in 1983. All that I’ve experienced and lived through can’t ever be replaced. Looking forward to making new memories!

Oh yeah and just because, this is one of my favorite photos ever.



Style From Your Closet Editorial #3: Jaimee

jaimee_5I first shot Jaimee for the “Kids in America” editorial about a year ago. We knew that we wanted to shoot her again for this project. So here she is in the third installment of the ‘Style From Your Closet” series. She is born and raised in Venice, CA and we took an afternoon and evening in dogtown to take some photos in and around Jaimee’s environment. Check out the video we shot that gives you a little bit more insight into her influences and inspirations.










models own clothes worn throughout

Model: Jaimee Kadish

Photography: Lauren M Brown

Style/ Video: Cody McCook

Production/ Animation: Jacob Valentin