Throwback Thursday: Swatch Watches!


Sometimes I think my love for 80s/90s nostalgia can be a problem. Often I find myself daydreaming about the little things that I remember about my childhood. I guess it has to be fact that fashion really moves in 20 year cycles and now the 90s are up for discussion and memory recall.

There are few things that are still in tact when it comes to my current life and my life 15 + years ago.  However one of the things that I have still remained in love with is Swatch watches. In the 80s and 90s they were the “go-to” watches for the preteen and teen set. When they first opened a Swatch store near me  I lost my mind. Just the idea that there were that many designs all in one place that I had to choose was blowing my mind. I fell off the train for a while in my college years but just a few years ago Kid Robot announced a collaboration with the watch brand. I scooped one up by the artist Tilt. Let’s all remember how awesome Swatch’s are and check them out now cause they still rule!


indexI had this exact one!! from the *92 Collection

1741277806393014899668376tumblr_lqfrdnEFwl1qdygvbo1_500Man, I wish I had a collection that looked like this. I remember everyone wanted the clear one.

index-1I had this one too! For the ’96 Olympic Games

swatchwatchHere is my current collection: Corto Maltese from 2001 F/W, KidRobot w/ Tilt, Cabaret Voltaire (2004)


For more Swatch info: Facebook, SWATCH

Photos via SwatchandBeyond, tumblr, pinterest

Re-Birth… a trailer to the #20 fashiongrunge editorial

video: Cody McCook 

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 6.46.07 PMWe’re starting the year off with a teaser trailer from our 20th editorial we shot this past weekend.! What a landmark. I never could have imagined that we when we started shooting editorials in Sept of 2010 that we’d be on #20 already. We completed one of our biggest shoots we’ve ever done to push ourselves to the limit. Since, that’s what the new year is all about.

See what you have in store for you…

Menswear Monday: Justin Pierce


When I was about 15 I first heard about the movie “Kids”. Everyone in school was talking about this controversial movie that parents had been warned about. In the 90s it was an all too real portrayal of teenage life in an urban city. Being naturally curious teenagers we rented a copy from the video store and watched it on a random Friday night. It’s so strange to me now that I can remember the first time I saw it and that we had Shasta soda. In other words it was quite a memorable moment.

Justin Pierce, a skateboarder from the Bronx was discovered by Larry Clark, the films director. Much like the other actors in the film, he was a real street kid who brought this story to life. His role as Casper was always my favorite part of the whole film. For months after I would quote lines in the hallway so much that my friends all started to call me Casper. I later changed the spelling to “Kaspah” when I got older. This nickname is still used to this day from a few old friends mostly back in DC. One of the things that really stuck with me through all these years was Justin’s spirit when it comes to the role. Starrring alongside some well known actors today he really brought authenticity and sadness to his character. In his life he starred in a few other films but none had quite the impact as 1995’s “Kids”.


justin2a0193447_1146263tumblr_mftbt2kkcc1qamklbo4_500Justin-Pierce-LC006Justin with Kids director, Larry Clark


On July 10, 2000 Justin Pierce was found dead in Las Vegas of an apparent suicide. His death was a tragic loss to all those especially in the New York skateboarding community. RIP Justin, you were an incredible actor and I wish the world was able to see more of your talent.

photos via google//tumblr 

Fashion Grunge Friday Mixtape #16: Spirit in Waves


The Elected- Greetings in Braille

Get Bent- City

Elefant- Uh Oh Hello

Girl in a Coma- The Cell

The Honorary Title- Everything I Once Had

The Horrors- Little Victories

JET- Get Me Outta Here

LCD Soundsystem- Someone Great

Local Natives- Who Knows Who Cares

Minus the Bear- Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse

Nirvana- Aneurysm [Live]

The Offspring- Come Out and Play

Hearts of Black Science- Gold and Dust

Small Brown Bike- Now & Never

Arctic Monkeys- When the Sun Goes Down

The Kills- Love is a Deserter

Mando Diao- Long Before Rock N Roll

PIxies- Gigantic

Fashion Grunge Friday Mixtape #15: A Sense of Despair, A Time For Change

*photo from #17 “Middle of Nowhere” editorial


Interpol- Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down

Temple of the Dog- Four Walled World

Four Star Mary- Pain

Dead Boys- Sonic Reducer

Stereophonics- More Life in a Tramps Vest

Bjork- Sacrifice

Everclear- Strawberry

Bif Naked- Moment of Weakness

The Teen Idles- Get Up and Go

Mighty Joe Plumb- Live Through This (15 Stories)

L7- (Right On) Through

Stone Temple Pilots- Vasoline

PJ Harvey- Hardly Wait

Ben Lee- Pop Queen

Shout Out Louds- You Are Dreaming

The Big Pink- Too Young to Love

Polaris- Summerbaby